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Communication Drivers

Parijat Drivers are a reliable way to connect your applications to your devices. Have a look below for a complete list of drivers…

PC Resident Drivers

AB/RockwellDF1 (Clogix/5/ SLC/Micro) Ser Master.NET Framework / ActiveX
AB/RockwellEthernet/IP CIP (Clogix/5/SLC/Enet/DHRIO) master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / ActiveX
AB/RockwellDH+ via 1784-P/KTx/D (5/SLC) masterActiveX
AB/RockwellDH+ via SS Tech 5136SD (5/SLC) masterActiveX
ABBAC800F series Client DMS.NET Framework
ABBAC800M series Client DMS
ABBBailey Infi90/Net90
ABBTotalflow TCP, serial client (DB2).NET Core / UWP / Xamarin
ABBTotalFlow TCP, Serial Master (TCI).NET Framework
ASCOM AstronomyASCOM Astronomy.NET Framework
Automation Direct/Koyok-seq SerialActiveX
Automation Direct/KoyoTCP master via ECOMActiveX
BACnetBACnet master (includes MS/TP).NET Framework
Brooks PetrocountIMS/RMS/SMS Meters MasterActiveX
CanbusJ1979 (via HW adapter)
CaterpillarM50 serial/TCP Master via CCM
Delta PLC (Taiwan)Master TCP, Serial.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux / ActiveX
DevicenetDevicenet (via HW adapter)
DNP3 /IP MasterDNP3 /IP Master.NET Framework
DNP3 /IP SlaveDNP3 /IP Slave
DSM 3260DSM 3260 cems Analyzers masterActiveX
Eaton cutler-hammerEaton cutler-hammer incom TCP/IP, Serial Master.NET Framework / ActiveX
Echelon LonworksEchelon Lonworks via SmartServer SOAP master.NET Framework
EmersonCPL4xx/GE-IP series90, PACS TCP/IP SRTP Ethernet.NET Framework / ActiveX
EmersonCPL 4xx/GE-IP series90 or PACS SNPX Serial MasterActiveX
EmersonCPL410/GE-IP series90 SNP Serial MasterActiveX
EmersonEmerson Ovation Westinghouse WDPF via WesAPIActiveX
Emerson/BristolDPC33xx TCP, Serial BSAP Master.NET Framework / ActiveX
Emerson/FisherROC TCP, Serial Master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux / ActiveX
Ethercat MasterEthercat Master.NET Framework
Ethernet/IP ODVA ClientEthernet/IP ODVA Client.NET Framework
ETPETP (Energistics Transfer Protocol) WITSML, PRODML, RESQML
Fanuc FocasFanuc Focas
FMC Smith AcculoadSerial MasterActiveX
GEGE-IP Fanuc Genius via PCIM/GBCActiveX
GEHarriss 5000 RTU Serial or /IP MasterActiveX
HART masterHART master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux / ActiveX
HitachiHitachi S10 alpha Serial MasterActiveX
Honeywell(620-48/52) Serial MasterActiveX
HoneywellUDC 500 Serial MasterActiveX
HoneywellUniformance PHD Historian.NET Framework
iBeaconSensorTag, BEEK
IDECPLCMicrosmart FC6 master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux / ActiveX
IDECSerial Master
IEC60870-5-104/101 Client.NET Framework
IEC60870-5-104/101 Server.NET Framework
IEC60870-6 Tase.2, ICCP.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux /
IoLinkIoLink Master
IrDA SAE TIAJ2799 J2601 Sender
IrDA SAE TIAJ2799 or J2601 Receiver
Kloeckner MoellerTCP, serial MasterActiveX
Lorawan ioT ClientLorawan ioT Client
M-Bus ClientM-Bus Client
Mag TekCard Reader Serial MasterActiveX
MitsubishiQ,A-series Serial MasterActiveX
MitsubishiFX-series SLNP TCP/Serial Master.NET Framework
MitsubishiFX-series TCP/Serial Master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux /
MitsubishiMelsecnet Q-series TCP Master.NET Framework
Modbus(RTU/ASCII) Serial Master.NET Framework / ActiveX
Modbus(RTU/ASCII) TCP Master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / ActiveX
Modbus(RTU/ASCII) TCP, serial Slave.NET Framework / ActiveX
Modbus(RTU/ASCII) Serial Master StdActiveX
ModbusPlus via SA-85 masterActiveX
MQTTMQTT pub/sub Master for IOT.NET Framework
MQTTMQTT pub/sub Slave for IOT.NET Framework
MTConnectMTConnect Master.NET Framework
MultispeakMultispeak (Electrical T&D)
NDBC/NOAANDBC/NOAA data ftp (National Data Buoy Center)
NMEA0183 Transmitter and Receiver.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux / ActiveX
NMEA2000 Transmitter and Receiver
OMNI Flow ComputersTCP, Serial Master.NET Framework / ActiveX
OMRONC-Series FINS UDP/TCP master.NET Framework
OMRONC-series Hostlink Serial MasterActiveX
OMRONN-Series TCP master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux /
OPCOPC-DA Generic client or Server.NET Framework
OPCOPC-UA Generic Client or Server.NET Framework
OPTO22OPTO22 S,R Groov Controller TCP Master.NET Framework / ActiveX
PRODMLPRODML (Production Markup Language) Receiver
PRODMLPRODML (Production Markup Language) Sender
ProfibusDP-M via S-S Tech 5136ActiveX
ProfinetProfinet master
RFID Inc.RFID Inc. Readers.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Linux /
SchniederWonderware (Classic or System Platform)
Schweitzer Electric LabSEL TCP, Serial master.NET Framework
SiemensS5 series 3964/R Serial MasterActiveX
SiemensS7/S5 H1 EthernetActiveX
SiemensS7 Ethernet ISOTCP S7 PLC Slave
SiemensS7 Ethernet ISOTCP/RFC1006 S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin /
SiemensS7 Ethernet PLC-SIM client (requires ISOTCP driver)
SiemensCTI 5xx series (TBP/NITP CAMP) via CTI 2572 TCP Master.NET Framework / ActiveX
SiemensCTI 5xx series (TBP/NITP) Serial MasterActiveX
SiemensCTI 5xx series (TBP/NITP) Serial MasterActiveX
SNMPSNMP (simple network management protocol) master.NET Framework
Square D(Model 300 to 700) Serial Master
ToshibaPLC TCP, Serial
WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Spec.)Level0 Reciever.NET Framework
WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Spec.)Level0 Transmitter.NET Framework
WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Spec.)Level0 Xmitter & Reciever.NET Framework
WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Std Markup Language)Receiver.NET Framework
WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Std Markup Language)Sender.NET Framework

PLC Resident Drivers

Controller/PLC ResidentProtocol (client unless specified Otherwise)
AB Control/CompactLogix FamilyRFID Inc. TCP/IP readers
AB Control/CompactLogix FamilyFire & Gas Multicom
AB Control/CompactLogix FamilyAGA 3,7 or 8 flow calculation
AB Control/CompactLogix FamilyWITS, ETP Sender, Receiver
AB Control/CompactLogix FamilyMQTT Subscriber, Broker
AB Control/CompactLogix FamilyNMEA0183 Sender, Receiver
AB Control/CompactLogix FamilySAE TIR J2799 or J2601 Receiver or transmitter
AB Control/CompactLogix Prosoft LDMADM upgrades or Any custom development
AB/Rockwell Controllogix/Compactlogix familyModbus Client or server
AB/Rockwell Controllogix/Compactlogix familyS7 ISO TCP
AB Control/CompactLogix Prosoft DL+DL+ upgrades or any custom development
AB PLC5Netoil Flow Computer
Opto22 S/R ControllersModbus Master Slave
PLC Instructions - foreign PLC Model supportPLC Instructions - foreign PLC Model support
S7 FamilyMBTCP Client or Server
S7 FamilyWITS, ETP Sender/Reciever
S7 FamilySAE TIR J2799 or J2601 Receiver or transmitter
S7 FamilyMQTT Subscriber
S7 FamilyNMEA0183 Sender, Receiver


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