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Parijat's Opened Source HMI and SCADA System​

This product uses the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE for Desktop Windows development. It lets you rapidly build full-featured Human Machine Interface (HMI) or SCADA systems for your applications. It can also be used to create any HMI for SCADA to PLC, DCS, Flow Computers, Chromatographs, and/or any system where data needs to be reported in a tabular/graphical format, or a GUI to database system.​

Parijat's .NET Allen Bradley Ethernet or Serial Driver for ControlLogix, MicroLogix, SLC's, PLC5

The Allen-Bradley Ethernet / Serial drivers provides a reliable way to connect AB DF1 devices to client applications. This includes HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP, and countless custom applications. This driver supports Allen-Bradley MicroLogix, ControlLogix, SLC500, and PLC5 series PLCs.

Communication Driver Manufactured BY Parijat Controlware Inc.

Parijat's .NET Modbus Master or Slave Driver

The Modbus Master or Client provides an easy and reliable way to connect Modbus Ethernet or serial Protocol Compliant devices with applications, including HMI, SCADA, Historian, MES, ERP and countless custom applications. This driver supports all Schneider Electric (modicon) PLC’s and all other devices which use Modbus as a protocol. Open to support future models for this series of PLCs.

Parijat's Modbus Analyzer Network Diagnostic Utility

Now available a way to troubleshoot Modbus based networks for small to enterprise wide applications. SCADA system network or point-to-point troubleshooting headaches are things of the past. The diagnostic features of MB analyzer can also be seamlessly integrated into the enterprise wide SCADA host or HMI applications using native Microsoft products. MB analyzer can help save hundreds of hours of cumbersome troubleshooting time, both in the office and in the field.

Communication Drivers

Parijat Drivers are a reliable way to connect your applications to your devices. Have a look below for a complete list of drivers…

Allen BradleyEthernet/IP CIP (Clogix/5/SLC/Enet/DHRIO) master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Active X
Allen BradleyDF1 (Clogix/5/ SLC/Micro) Ser Master.NET Framework / Active X
Allen BradleyDH+ via 1784-P/KTx/D (5/SLC) masterActive X
Allen BradleyDH+ via SS Tech 5136SD (5/SLC) masterActive X
ABBBailey Infi90/Net90
ABBAC800F/M series Client DMS.NET Framework
ABBTotalFlow TCP, Serial Master (TCI).NET Framework
ABBTotalflow TCP, serial client (DB2).NET Core / UWP / Xamarin
ASCOMAstronomy.NET Framework
Automation DirectAutomation Direct/Koyo k-seq SerialActive X
Automation DirectAutomation Direct/Koyo TCP master via ECOMActive X
Brooks PetrocountIMS/RMS/SMS Meters MasterActive X
CanbusJ1979 (via HW adapter)
CaterpillarM50 serial/TCP Master via CCM
DeltaPLC (Taiwan) Master TCP, Serial.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Active X
Eaton Cutler-hammerIncom TCP/IP, Serial Master.NET Framework / Active X
EmersonDeltaVActive X
EmersonEmerson/Bristol DPC33xx TCP, Serial BSAP Master.NET Framework
EmersonEmerson/Fisher ROC TCP, Serial Master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Active X
FMC Smith AcculoadSerial MasterActive X
GE Fanuc FocusGE-IP Fanuc Genius via PCIM/GBCActive X
GE Fanuc FocusGE-IP series90 or PACS SNPX Serial MasterActive X
GE Fanuc FocusGE-IP series90, PACS TCP/IP SRTP Ethernet.NET Framework / Active X
GE Fanuc FocusGE-IP series90 SNP Serial MasterActive X
GE HarrissGE Harriss 5000 RTU Serial or /IP MasterActive X
GEGE PanametricsActive X
HitachiS10 alpha Serial MasterActive X
Honeywell(620-48/52) Serial MasterActive X
HoneywellExperionActive X
HoneywellUniformance PHD Historian.NET Framework
HoneywellUDC 500 Serial MasterActive X
IDECPLCMicrosmart FC6 master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Active X
IDECSerial Master
Klockner MoellerTCP, serial MasterActive X
Mitsubishimelsecnet Q-series TCP Master.NET Framework
MitsubishiQ,A-series Serial MasterActive X
MitsubishiFX-series TCP/Serial Master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin
MitsubishiFX-series SLNP TCP/Serial Master.NET Framework
Modbus(RTU/ASCII) Serial Master.NET Framework / Active X
Modbus(RTU/ASCII) Serial Master StdActive X
Modbus(RTU/ASCII) TCP, serial Slave.NET Framework / Active X
Modbus(RTU/ASCII) TCP Master.NET Framework / .NET Core/ UWP / Xamarin / Active X
ModbusPlus via SA-85 masterActive X
MQTTpub/sub Master for IOT.NET Framework
MQTTpub/sub Slave for IOT.NET Framework
NMEA0183 Transmitter and Receiver.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin / Active X
NMEAN2000 Transmitter and Receiver
OMNI Flow ComputersTCP, Serial Master.NET Framework / Active X
OMRONC-Series FINS UDP/TCP master.NET Framework
OMRONC-series Hostlink Serial MasterActive X
OMRONN-Series TCP master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin
OPTO22S,R Groov Controller TCP Master.NET Framework / Active X
OPTO22MISTIC/OPTOMUX Serial MasterActive X
ProfibusDP-M via S-S Tech 5136Active X
Schweitzer ElectricSEL TCP, Serial master.NET Framework
SiemensS5 series 3964/R Serial MasterActive X
SiemensS7 Ethernet ISOTCP/RFC1006 S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 master.NET Framework / .NET Core / UWP / Xamarin
SiemensS7 Ethernet ISOTCP S7 PLC Slave
SiemensS7 Ethernet PLC-SIM client (requires ISOTCP driver)
SiemensS7/S5 H1 EthernetActive X
SiemensCTI 5xx series (TBP/NITP) Serial MasterActive X
SiemensCTI 5xx series (TBP/NITP CAMP) via CTI 2572 TCP Master.NET Framework / Active X
ToshibaPLC TCP, Serial

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