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Parijat VR HMI NGC-0208

Parijat VR HMI is a software middleware app that provides data from PCI Scadaserver or other apps to various products like Google 3D 360 deg view files etc. Parijat Controlware, Inc. helps you develop a 3D 360 deg panoramic view of the plant floor that is actively linked with the HMI for the plant.


  • HMI live data updates on both the HMI & the virtual tour view. Also extend it with 3D laser scanned images, ARCGIS, Google Maps, MS Bing Maps, if needed.
  • Auto Responsive for All Screen Sizes
  • The virtual tours can auto resize themselves according to any screen size appropriately. If a customer is viewing the virtual tour on 65” screen or any tablet the virtual tour with resize itself according to the screen. The display is agnostic to the browser used.
  • Activities that need to install/add-on to a very remote hard to access facility, an existing vessel, offshore platform, drilling rig or refinery, FPSO or condition monitoring of tanks and machinery areas for longevity, better design engineering can now be performed where the whole team can discuss virtually, manipulating virtual space collaborating.
  • Attach live sensor data to this.


  • Lets users have an immersive experience of real-life plant
  • Measure lengths, distances accurately
  • Saves time & expense for training of new users.
  • Saves time & expense for contractors


  • Any browser-based HMI & the panoramic view.
  • Any documents can be linked.
  • Any browser links are supported.