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Parijat Cloud Central IioT Multi-Tenant SCADA NGS-1101

Parijat Cloud Central SCADA system runs in Cloud or in client hosted server & publishes data for mobile & desktop apps. As a purpose-built app, it allows support for different applications that may be segregated based on groups & subgroups of users(multi-tenants). Use MS Active Directory for policies & authentication. All system’s activity is recorded and accessible for querying and high powered analytics. This allows to pinpoint optimization opportunities and take well-informed decisions supported by previous activity patterns. Any type of data measurement can be read adding tremendous potential, enabling solutions that can take control and react based on numerous complex rules, complex events processing, knowledge base, neural, artificial intelligence factors.

Generate activity reports or balance score cards from any device. Build complex reports including multiples devices, reading units, series and time ranges with very granular control over the data.

Dashboard Reports

Reports can be published in the system’s Dashboard, making that section of the application an excellent tool to watch your system’s progress over time. These configurable, role-specific dashboards and reports that can be distributed automatically to those most critical on your team, allow users to make qualified and proactive decisions regarding your assets.

Reports can be scheduled for automatic delivery through email or deposited directly to any recipient’s website, FTP site or drop-box.

Notification Recipients

Real-Time Notifications are built on top of system events. Systems have the ability to analyze data and produce any kind of notification according to user specified evaluation criteria. Notifications can be targeted to flag different recipients depending on any irregular event. There is escalation feature built-in, if an expected response from a notified flag is not received after a pre-set interval. Multiple channels (SMS, E-mail, paging, eFax) available for notifications delivery depending on their severity.

Special applications

  • Water/Waste water: real time storm flow monitoring, automatic or manual meter readings, and well or tank level monitoring, continuous volumetric flow calculations, totalizations and periodic management reports are available.
  • Oil & Gas: Flow totals, LACT, Tank Inventories, Drilling rigs, emissions, well-testing
  • Facility: Energy management
  • Electrical: Substations, transmission

Application Examples

  • Production process machines monitoring and control
  • Boilers, refrigerators, engines monitoring and control
  • Water treatment system monitoring
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2 monitoring
  • Alerts for abnormal events and maintenance optimization
  • Monitoring and control of energy consumption
  • Reactive energy reduction
  • Batteries Management
  • Temperature and Humidity control
  • HVAC control
  • Electricity generators management
  • Renewable energy management
  • Water quality monitoring
parijat cloud control scada


  • Single vendor solution for network, IT & automation
  • Cost center management (by each production areas)
  • Real-time information (by plant; region; country; worldwide)
  • Integrate GIS with live data from PLCs, EFMs
  • Can also interface with existing SCADA systems via various technologies.
  • Advanced 256 byte SSL security supported exceeding requirements of most agencies.
  • Use any cell service provider or any communications network hookup device that plugs into a USB port or Ethernet or serial port.
  • Streaming data, polling or exception event based unsolicited data, store & forward capability.
  • Data conditioning or any customization may be done either at the field end, central location or both.
  • Data feed to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure analytics, Google Analytics or Microsoft Azure DocumentDB for advanced analysis via LORA or others type.
  • Provisioning to private cloud services available.
  • Support for Oracle IIoT via REST API as GET, POST or UPDATE operations

PLCs Supported

  • Rockwell : MicroLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, PLC-5, SLC5/05, EtherNet/IP.
  • Modbus slave Devices: MB-TCP, serial. All MB flavors supported
  • Any other PLCs or protocols can also be supported. Contact PCI for details