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WITS (Wellsite Information Transfer Specification)M/S or Source/Consumer


.NET Driver

The ParWITSComm driver supports Level 0 (Active/Passive or Source/Consumer or Master/Slave) and is used for the wellsite data/information exchange between a computer system (such as a Measurement While Drilling [MWD] device) to HMI, SCADA, and MIS Business applications. Exploration and production service and operating companies are able to monitor real-time data like compass direction, downhole pressure, temperature, vibration, torque, etc.

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  • Supports all device which uses standard WITS level-0 protocol.
  • Supports up to 256 WITS Level 0 Active device

              Single device per channel (peer-to-peer)

  • High-speed communication using embedded Ethernet tool.
  • Package-oriented data transfer
  • Data Types Support-Short, Long, Integer, Float, String

Siemens S7 PLC Resident Driver

Parijat’ s WITS (Level 0) library for Siemens TIA portal v15.1 allows programmers to quickly import and use that can handle transmission and/or reception (Source/Consumer) of WITS data. To support serial WITS devices, use external Serial/TCP adapters or contact us for info.


  • Interface allows for transmitting and/or receiving WITS data packets over TCP/IP protocol
  • PLCs Supported
    • S7-1200 series
    • S7-1500 series
    • S7-300 series
    • S7-400 series
    • ET200 series
  • Objects Included (Some optional)
    • ParsedData_DB – used for intermediate processing of WITS data coming through T_RCV block
    • WITS_Receiver – FB that handles parsing of incoming WITS messages
    • WITS_Receiving_Registers – DB in which received data is stored in an array of Reals
    • WITS_Sender – FB that handles sending of individual WITS messages
    • WITS_Sending_Registers – DB including array of Reals. The user can specify the index to transmit WITS data using WITS_Sender FB

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