Parijat Serial, TCP, and RTC Modbus Analyzer​

MODBUS protocol troubleshooting tool for Serial & Ethernet TCP/IP media

Microsoft’s technology is now available for troubleshooting Modbus based networks for small to enterprise-wide applications. SCADA system network or point-to-point troubleshooting headaches are things of the past. The diagnostic features of Mbsnoop can also be seamlessly integrated into the enterprise-wide SCADA host or HMI applications using native Microsoft products. Mbsnoop can help save hundreds of hours of cumbersome troubleshooting time, both in the office and in the field.



  • Both serial and TCP/IP Modbus networks supported.
  • Operates as a master, slave or as spy on any network.
  • Dialup support in serial master mode.
  • Supports Gould and Enron Modbus in both RTU & ASCII protocols.
  • Master mode – Allows a user to set up polling lists to poll one or several slaves.
  • Slave mode – Allows preset of data values for any Modbus addresses.
  • Spy Mode – Silently monitor the Modbus traffic from master to slaves or from slaves to the master.
  • View the Modbus communications message traffic in real-time and save it to a user-designated log file for later retrieval/analysis.
  • Set up filters to only display and store messages of a certain Modbus function code, or designated to a certain RTU address.
  • Create custom text pages for HMI applications to extract data from Modbus messages and view in various display format radices.
  • Save multiple communication and protocol settings & HMI display configurations.
  • Runs transparently under Windows 7 and above..

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 with SP1 or later
  • 2GB RAM
  • 20MB of Free Disk Space
  • WinPcap

parijat ui-certified 508a

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