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Parijat Protocol Converter NGSH-0505

Parijat Protocol Converter is a purpose-built software that allows you to link data from PLCs or other smart devices to other similar devices that do not support a complementing protocol. This product enables bi-directional data exchange between a variety of disparate systems & applications.

Basic system provides for Modbus & Rockwell/Allen-Bradley interface. Drivers for numerous PLCs & other industrial protocols are available.

It also acts as a nexus for industrial data collection and management. Data logging, remote machine monitoring and control can also be accomplished. The TCP port supports unlimited protocols simultaneously allowing TCP to TCP conversions also. Data & configuration files are stored in Microsoft SQL CE format, allowing common applications, such as MS Excel, Access, to view and manage.


  • Use any quantity of TCP connections or comm. ports via USB/serial or TCP/serial adapters.
  • Have as many protocols supported on each TCP connection.
  • Any amount of data may be logged & transported from the appliance via USB memory sticks or Compact flash memory.
  • Built-in HMI shows live data from each device.
  • Data is time stamped and all transactions may be saved to an audit log.
  • Data source-destination mapping can be set for unlimited devices, & tags quantity.
  • Use as a data concentrator, backup connection or Store & forward in data mapping
  • Events may be defined for data transfer in either direction.
  • Use embedded panel mount HW or desktop with any version of MS Windows XP or newer.
  • Use multiple parallel systems for redundancy, disaster recovery
  • Unlimited transactions, events & data tags.
Parijat Protocol Converter


  • With Hardware.
  • Redundancy
  • Any additional features.