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Parijat HMI Designer – ParDesigner NGSH-0105


ParDesigner is a HMI utility tool that provides an easy and quick way to help design, build displays for MS Visual Studio in VB.NET, Xamarin.Forms (mobile environment) or ASP.NET (web) code.


A frequent issue an HMI developer using MS Visual Studio experience is the complexity of building HMI screens using XAML code. ParDesigner solves this issue.

  • Forms use XAML code to draw Displays. A HMI Developer can’t see the updated changes through Xamarin.Forms device viewer unless, the solution is rebuilt which consumes time and efficiency while drawing HMI displays using XAML code.
  • NET uses XML code to draw display, which have similar issues as Xamarin.Forms.
  • NET uses Visual Basic code to draw displays which is relatively easy but the code cannot be converted to XML or XAML code.

Product Detail

  • ParDesigner provides a quick and easy solution for this problem. Users can select objects from object list and simply draw that object on display area and export those displays in VB.NET, Xamarin.Forms or NET format.
hmi display designer

Application Features

  • Converts any Image drawn within Pardesigner to Xamarin.Forms, VB.NET, or ASP.NET code.
  • Save & Edit functionality available.
  • Can draw over any HMI image in a grid view for more accurate conversion.
  • Zooming capability available.
  • Custom Properties e.g.(x:Name) to any object is supported.
  • ParDesigner object viewer helps identify objects drawn & also their coordinates.
  • Supports various types of objects e.g. (Pipes, Image, Labels, Symbols, Valves, Pumps, and Textbox’s)
  • Custom settings to set a custom grid size, font size, font name, and the pipe width and namespace to include in code for custom implementation.

This product is also designed to supplement Parijat VB.NET HMI/SCADA system.