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Level Sensing, Distance Measurement NGSH-10303


Sensing Level, Distance or Height Precisely is a challenge in Industrial Environments. IOT platform is used to perform this using one of 4 different contactless technologies. Each also supports Mobile app as an option. Gateways are available to gather data from a nearby collection of these sensors to send to a Central SCADA type system. LORA, where applicable, is used to provide relatively big area, mesh support between the sensors and the gateway(s). Various models of each are available to cover different distances, accuracies and also depth/width of view.

Please consult PCI with your specific details as a solution for most scenarios exists.

Case 1 : Ultrasonics (LORA)

Case 2 : Laser/LIDAR (LORA)

Case 3 : Camera with Night-vision (Wi-fi)

Case 4 : Precise measurements (BLE)

Below is more details for a sample BLE system

The accuracy of BLE measurement is up to 1 mm. This measuring distance sensor can be used in hazardous environments since it’s completely enclosed in a box.


The product supports BLE to send the distance & other measurements to Mobile Application. The device uses low power consumption Bluetooth technology, so the battery lasts long. Other means of NFC are also available & supported.


Android application is built with IOT platform. the application shows the Values for Current Distance Measurement, Maximum Values and Minimum Value. It calculates & shows the current height. The abilities for the software are high enough to show that the reading is above the maximum value and the device needs calibration again. The picture shows the application image. The figure shows options for measurement and calibration, it also shows the real measurement at the top right, the Measurement Scale, and the total length at the bottom. The device with the application is powerful and easy to use. Having a phone with Bluetooth is needed. Download the application with the license and you connect directly to the device.

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development.