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Parijat Intelligent Video Analytics system NGS-080

Parijat Intelligent Video Analytics system or NGS-080 is a purpose-built software that allows you to perform advanced video analytics with almost any IP-enabled camera streams. It identifies events, attributes or patterns of behaviour through video analysis of monitored environments. This video analysis software monitors video streams in near real-time, automatically generates alerts, and facilitates forensic analysis of historical data to identify specific incidents, trends and patterns. It enables users to organize, analyse, and share the insight gained from data to make smarter decisions and promotes enhanced coordination within or across organizations

NGS-080 enables detection of virtual fence crossing, counting & pattern matching events. The events can trigger control actions into PLCs or databases, if needed. Drivers for numerous PLCs & other industrial protocols are available.

Application Examples

  • Security & surveillance systems
  • Conveying, material handling, Packaging lines
  • Warehouse, distribution centres


  • Data is time-stamped and all transactions are saved to an audit log.
  • Use embedded panel mount HW or desktop with any version of MS Windows
  • Automatic e-mail notifications.
  • Any ADO.NET or ODBC-compliant databases are supported.
  • Unlimited transactions, events & data tags.
  • Video stream snapshots based on events
  • Logic decision support to control video output or snapshot


  • With Camera Hardware, PLC & other mounting accessories.
  • Train the system for detection of specific items
  • Support IR Thermal cameras

Some sample Cameras

Autodome IP Starlight 7000i (NDP-7512-Z30)

DINION IP thermal 8000 (NHT-8000-F07QS)

FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 8000i (NDE-8502-R)


Fluke 130

Following are some of the applications already implemented by PCI or some potential possibilities.

  • Part Inspection – Missing/rotation/defective
  • Part Alignment verification
  • Foreign particle inspection
  • 1D-2D barcode, data-matrix, QR code decoding
  • Product Length measurement – Dimensional verification over large products
  • Medical vial inspection
  • Color detection or matching of components
  • Pick and place requirements – Robot guidance
  • Verification of clips, screws, springs, components etc. in place
  • Counting items or components on pallets
  • Counting items crossing any # of virtual lines/zones in any direction
  • Verifying the presence of products in groups or packages
  • Monitoring the appearance of labels, marks, prints and seals
  • Confirming the presence of electronic components on PCBs
  • Proving the existence of screws/washers for securing parts
  • Identify if some repeated action is happening
  • Measuring precise dimensions of components, parts or products
  • Measuring inner or outer diameters or center coordinates of circular products precisely.
  • Measuring precisely the roundness, ovality or angle of items
  • Measuring the liquid level in a tank, well, pond or river
  • Dimensional inspection of medical device components and pharmaceutical products
  • Measuring label positions, seals and packaging dimensions
  • Helping to deploy components on printed circuit boards
  • Checking component and sub-assembly positions
  • Detect fire/smoke
  • Detect chemicals/oil spills
  • Human Face recognition
  • Traceability of moving items – even across multiple cameras with overlapping zones
  • Light Curtains, virtual fence
  • Vehicle registration plates recognition & tracking