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Parijat Mobile Manual data collection NGS-100

Parijat Mobile Manual data Collection or NGS-100 is a purpose-built solution based on a pre-built system infra-structure that allows users to manually enter data from PLCs or other smart devices via mobile devices & link to IT databases, via MS SQL Server. User has the freedom to pick the commodity handheld data collection hardware like – MS Surface, Windows mobile, Apple, Android. Data may also be collected via live connection from smart devices like PLCs, embedded controllers, scanners, weigh scales, analysers, IoT devices, tank gauges, robots, RFID, iBeacons, Eddystones. ISA100 wireless, Hart, etc. Drivers for numerous PLCs & other industrial protocols are available.

Native Android, Apple & MS Windows applications are available. Also, using various modern technologies, MS Windows apps may run on non MS OS systems. All combinations are possible. A mapping software application is available to bi-directionally share & define triggers to other disparate external non MS SQL Server databases or applications.

Typical Applications

Inventory tracking, Asset management, instrument calibration, manual data collection, diagnostics, Audit/verification, environmental compliance, rounds data.


  • Disconnected systems with store & forward supported, also for low bandwidth scenarios
  • Data is time stamped and all transactions saved to an audit log.
  • Data source-destination mapping can be set for unlimited databases, types of databases, types of connections, & tags quantity.
  • Hands free operation via MS Cortana, Apple Siri, Google Now type human voice recognition commands & data entry support
  • Hard copy Printing via USB or other printers
  • GPS support for location sensitive applications
  • Data validation rules before acceptance
  • Live Digital Level (LDL) or electronic bubble vial feature for checking alignments
  • Collect live video or snapshots from built-in device camera
  • Enter any type of data, general comments, notes
  • Use the built-in finger touch for secure log-in
  • Multiple users working simultaneously
  • Automatic e-mail notifications when triggers or limits exceeded.
  • Automatic generation of reports on the handheld or at the central server.
  • Aggregation of live data from or to PLCs & SCADA applications.
  • Unlimited transactions, events & data tags.


  • With Hardware.
  • Ruggedized version
  • Class 1 div 2 version
  • Class 1 div 1 version
  • Apple or Android device support
  • Interface with SAP, MS Dynamics or other ERP systems
  • Interface with Infor, Maximo or other CMMS systems
  • E-sign feature
  • Any additional features