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Parijat Control System Auto Configurator NGSH-0801

Parijat Control System Auto Configurator or NGS-0801 is a purpose-built solution based on a pre-built system software infrastructure that will help auto-configure a new control system.

Typical scenario – a control system is a very arduous & tedious manual work that requires a lot of very high skilled man-hours from conception to completion. This tool helps considerably reduce that effort & also intends to reduce manual data entry errors.

After entering the PLC, I/O & some basic repeatable control system object definitions in a MS SQL server, NGS-0801 will create the AutoCAD panel drawings, PLC logic, HMI/SCADA system database, some displays which can be a starting point for the rest of the system.

Currently, built with Rockwell Logix PLCs & Microsoft VS HMI/SCADA system. Contact us to help develop the infrastructure for your very specific needs.


  • Serve as the project life cycle management of change facilitator.
  • Single point of change for documentation, drawings, PLC programs & HMI.

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development.