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Remote Monitoring, Control and Troubleshooting NGSH-10202

Parijat Remote monitoring, control and troubleshooting Appliance, or NGSH-10202 is a comprehensive & affordable HW appliance to help diagnose, monitor and control remote sites using smart field devices like PLCs, VFDs, scales, HMIs, etc. The appliance is agnostic to the protocol used & supports any serial & Ethernet protocols & any quantity of physical connections. It also works as a secure web interface for remote operations.


Typically to diagnose remote sites requires availability of a PC with pre-installed expensive licensed software for each different hardware at each site. It empowers you to have the software needed to be installed at your local PC & use it with remote devices in a variety of HW configurations.

Possible Scenarios

Remote Site: Has internet or has a VPN

Remote Site: Has the required software or does not.


broadband Internet connection at remote site, & at your PC.

The software that you intend to use on your PC must run natively in MS Windows XP or newer.


At remote site, the PCI Appliance supports Ethernet, serial connection (you provide the appropriate hardware interface devices like USB to RS232/422/485 converters. Ensure the device drivers are properly installed & configured on appliance.

It may be always connected or may be connected when needed at the remote sit


  • data logging transferred by FTP or email. SD card reader
  • Router IP filtering, IP forwarding, NAT, Port forwarding, Proxy, Routing table, DHCP client/server, NAT 1 :1. Certifications
  • VPN Tunnelling Open VPN either through UDP 1194 or TCP 443 (HTTPs port).
  • VPN Security VPN sessions are end-to-end encrypted using SSL/TLS protocol.


Harsh or hazardous environment use. Please specify details.

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development