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ASCII strings from/to PLCs NGS-140

ASCII strings from/to PLCs or NGS-140 is a fast & simple MS Windows software solution to transfer ASCII Serial Barcode, Weigh scale, RFID, line printers or any ASCII serial Data to PLCs.

Problem: Most PLCs & smart industrial devices do not have the capability to drive the peripheral smart devices. In today’s connected world, this issue has become a challenge & NGS-140 is a solution.

Simple setup: Configure the communications to the PLC. Declare the length of the ASCII string and then NGS-140 delivers it directly in a register location in the data table of the PLC.

NGS-140 can also be used to receive ASCII data from PLC. Simply define & populate another tag or register location with the message you wish to send. When NGS-140 detects a change in value it will process the data and send it out to the serial device.

Just define one in tag/register & one out tag/register. No message instruction or other activities to create.

All configurations are saved.

PLCs Supported

  • Rockwell : MicroLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, PLC-5, and SLC5/05, EtherNet/IP.
  • Modbus slave Devices: MBTCP, serial Modbus. All MB flavors supported
  • Any other PLCs or protocols can also be supported. Contact PCI for details

Options (Contact PCI for details)

  • With Hardware.
  • Other than base protocol

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