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Parijat Database Replicator NGS-070

Parijat Database Replicator or NGS-070, a software solution to replicate databases. One database may be MS SQL Server & the other one may be any other SQL-compliant database.

You can link any field from the source database to any field in the destination database. The data replication can happen under 3 scenarios:

  • Manual request
  • Use selectable time interval
  • Programmatically when an event occurs


  • Supports a wide range of databases using ADO.NET, ODBC etc.
  • Define various rules, criteria for data transfers
  • Eliminates expensive licensing of traditional HMI, SCADA or other SW products
  • Appliance may not be needed in some of the scenarios.

Typical Applications

1. Connect 2 different applications for data exchange

2. Connect Parijat Scada system data with some other external systems