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Parijat Modbus Port Replicator Tunneller NGS-110

Parijat Modbus Port Replicator Tunneller or NGS-110 is a software that allows you to extend the Modbus (MB) slaves, with single connection support, to connect to more than one clients or masters, amongst other features.

Problem: A serial MB or a MB TCP slave that supports limited simultaneous connections for multiple MB masters.

Solution: Control system environments are usually contained in a high security zone and the impact is high when availability is harmed, whereas data consuming systems do not inherently need this level physical protection. By replicating data from devices using Modbus in production environments to data consuming systems using NGS-110 to make a one-way connection, one no longer has to make a direct bidirectional network connection, without exposing control systems to digital threats from outside. Also, during testing, diagnosing or plant turnarounds, NGS-110 may be an invaluable tool.


  • Works with Modbus devices, using either Modbus RTU/ASCII over serial links (RS232/RS422/RS485), Modbus TCP or serial message embedded/tunnelled in a TCP packet.
  • Data aggregation from multiple slaves
  • Asynchronous socket multiplexing to support multiple clients
  • Multiple channel or device replication

Read/write points may not be shared between the replicated identities.


  • With Hardware.
  • Any additional features.