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TCP to Serial Virtual Commport management

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Parijat TCP to Serial, Virtual CommPort Management NGSH-0606

Parijat TCP to Serial, Virtual CommPort management app, NGSH-0606 allows to receive data and signals from one Comm port, modify it and send it to a number of ports and vice versa. In conjunction with the com0com driver this allows you to – handle, support data and messages from a single real physical serial device by a number of different applications. For example, several MS Windows applications can share data from one physical device connected on a serial port. – use real serial port(s) of a remote PC as if they existed on local PC. Virtual Comm Ports: You may have a client PC that has a serial port COM1 and a server PC that has four serial ports COM1, COM2, COM3 and COM4. Both PCs linked with each other by a null-modem cable between their COM1 ports. There are no other connections between the PCs. You’d like to use COM2, COM3 and COM4 of the server computer as if they exist on the client computer:

1. With the com0com’s Setup Command Prompt on client computer create

  • COM2<->CNCB0, COM3<->CNCB1 and COM4<->CNCB2 virtual serial port
  • pairs (see com0com’s ReadMe.txt for more info). For example:
  • command> install 0 PortName=COM2,EmuBR=yes –
  • command> install 1 PortName=COM3,EmuBR=yes –
  • command> install 2 PortName=COM4,EmuBR=yes –

2. Start the multiplexer.bat on the Server

  • multiplexer –baud 115200 COM1 –mode server CNCB1 CNCB2 CNCB3

3. Start the multiplexer.bat on the Client computer:

  • multiplexer –baud 115200 COM1 CNCB1 CNCB2 CNCB3

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development