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Parijat Control Systems Web Server NGS-050

Parijat Control Systems Web Server or NGS-050 is an appliance that allows you to link data from legacy PLCs or other classic smart devices to an embedded web site, so a user may use any web browser on the other side to securely read/write data of the control system.

Drivers for numerous PLCs & other industrial protocols are available to connect the web server to.

NGS-050 web server allows multiple control systems like PLC data to be presented as HTML5 web pages, giving secure access via any web browser.

Application Examples

Automatic integration, visualization and remote control via HTML pages. Remote troubleshooting by remote monitoring & control of bits, registers or parameters. Access reports or any crucial Control systems data from anywhere.


  • Data is time stamped and all transactions are saved to an audit log.
  • Events may be defined for data transfer in either direction.
  • Use embedded panel mount HW or desktop with any version of MS Windows XP or newer.
  • Automatic e-mail notifications.
  • Use multiple parallel systems for redundancy, disaster recovery.
  • Unlimited transactions, events & data tags.


  • With Hardware.
  • HW Redundancy
  • Any additional features