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Parijat Modem – LORA, Cell, Satellite NGC-1009

Parijat Modem, NGSH-1021 is a small device that serves as a versatile modem supporting LORA, LORAWAN, Cell service, Blues and or satellite service from SpaceX\Swarm & others. It can be configured to use either service as a primary, secondary or tertiary. If primary fails, it picks the secondary and if both fail, it automatically uses tertiary, in that order. If you rather use a different Satellite service, please contact PCI. Bidirectional IoT VHF communication channel with 1kbps, a maximum packet size of 192 bytes and maximum transmission time of 3.7sec. AES 256 encryption. Delivery of end user data happens via REST API with a max.
latency of 1 minute.


  • Supports Modbus or optionally any other Parijat supported protocol on field side.
  • It supports MQTT or any variant on host side or RESTful API.
  • Use different types of external I/O or smart field devices supporting Modbus type open protocols. Almost unlimited quantity and types.
  • Link from field side tags to modem side via a text file or Jason. Contact PCI for other options.

Technical Specification

  • RS232, 485, TCP/IP ports, GPS, SigFox available as option.
  • Besides Modbus, custom protocols may be developed and supported
  • eSIM or conventional SIM cards support available. Please specify.
  • NB-IoT, 5G support optional

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development