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Parijat Smart Appliance Interface NGSH-10204

Parijat Smart Appliance Interface, NGSH-10204 a software and hardware solution to interact with appliances like Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Nest/Home, Microsoft Cortana, smart glasses or cloud systems with control systems, PLCs, DCS, robots, VFDs, Weigh scales etc. Each is a separate license.

PCI can also optionally help you with sending control commands from these appliances to your control systems. Also, request the HMI/SCADA systems to execute various actions, pull up supporting documents like user manuals, drawings, procedures, spare parts lists, calibration, and YouTube videos, or request past maintenance histories.

Also mark certain equipment for follow-up activities like maintenance, operational checkouts, etc.


  • Supports a wide range of devices – consult Parijat for details
  • Security is applied in various ways – consult Parijat for details

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development.