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Parijat Universal ID Technology Diagnostics Tool, RTLS NGS-1010

Supporting various ID technologies like NFC, Mifare, RFID, iBeacons, UWB, 1D/2D, QR (Quick Response), NFC, BLE, data-matrix etc. diagnostics tool developed by Parijat.

  • Read and write RFID, NFC, Mifare, Aztec tags
  • Use as a Keyboard Wedge
  • Read barcodes (1D, QR), data-matrix.
  • Generate barcodes and print them via appropriate printer
  • Export to Json, XML, Web-sockets, Database, Spreadsheets
  • Interface with HMI/SCADA, ERP
  • OPC-UA, Modbus, as an option
  • Use as iBeacon reader/writer

From here data may be pushed to any client’s app using Jason or some similar technology. A mobile app is also available as an option to perform various needed activities & where a UI is required.

RTLS (Real-Time Location Service)

RTLS (Realtime Location Services) is available as an option using passive RFID tags in the following ways:

1. Very good localization resolution with our HW

2. Using PCI Appliance with a custom option if using our RFID reader/gateway.

3. Very rough accuracy via RSSI.

4. Using UWB or BLE tags and appropriate gateways.


  • Interleave data from any PLCs, Cameras, VFDs, IEDs, etc. devices with real-time data
  • Helps precise localization on a certain item from within a collection of targets.

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development. Currently tested on Android only.