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Electronic Flow Computer Monitor Scanner NGSH-0203

Parijat Electronic Flow Computer Monitor Scanner, NGSH-0203, is a cost-effective and scalable application providing supervisory control capabilities in conjunction with gathering real-time data and retrieving archived EFM records.


  • NGSH-0203 is a Web-enabled as well as Stand Alone desktop data acquisition and control system solution which allows secure real-time access to remote systems using Internet / Intranet communications or any other IP media.
  • PCI Solution focuses on Flow measurement in Oil / Gas Industry. Data Acquisition from smart instruments, Smart RTUs & PLCs
  • Solution allows Real-Time interface between remote instruments /RTUs / PLCs and Internet or local network. Flow computers connected to servers using Modbus or any other protocol via Ethernet or serial connection.
  • Multiple protocol support – pick from over 100 different ones. List available at ww.Parijat.com
  • Demand/scan poll Data stored in MS SQL Server

Below are some sample reports examples.


  • Historical Data Access
  • Events & Alarms access
  • Exports to CFX. PGAS formats
  • Other database support
  • Custom HMI displays, Reporting