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Parijat SOE Recorder NGSH-0208

Parijat SOE Recorder (High speed Sequence of Events), NGSH-0304 is designed to work with control systems used for high-speed applications, rotating machines control, or safety shut-down systems. An event is a Boolean flag. Each event can be identified as positive or negative edge triggered. It reports discrete or Boolean events in chronological order and has first-out detection after each system reset. The software requires some PLC code that will need to be integrated into your existing PLC project.

Currently, Rockwell/Allen-Bradley PLCs are supported. However, other PLCs can be easily supported. For Rockwell SLC PLCs, you may have up to 4080 events, for PLC5 15984 events & Clogix almost unlimited events. These are individual independent events. Each event may occur multiple times.

The events title description & history is stored in a Microsoft SQL database. It supports a PLC scan time resolution for each of the events and if multiple events occur during a single PLC scan, the events are reported in the order of their event ID. First-out is reported after each system reset.

Data analyses can be done later based on the chronological order of the events.

Reports may be sent for future post-mortem review etc.