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Parijat Subsea Controls Communications Engine PLC NGC-1008

Parijat Subsea Controls Communications Engine PLC is a very versatile, scalable, end-user programmable embedded system. It can withstand depths of over 8000 Ft. in a dielectric oil uncompensated pressure container. Though designed for high demanding Subsea apps, can also be used for regular PLC and communications uses as well.



  • Complete UI as HMI and system configuration available.
  • Any input signal can be user software connected with any output signal via UI.
  • Suitable for subsea use at 8k Ft depth & 4K PSI. 0-50 C temperature.
  • Immersed in dielectric oil for water ingress protection, exposed to the high pressures.
  • Include the connectors (plug-in) and cabling to the inside of enclosure box. Use 10 pins typical.
  • Supports extensive board HW diagnostics accessible to software running on it.
  • Conformal coating for water protection.
  • MTBF 99%. Mechanism to test/debug during development via IDE.
  • Not expected to be in explosive environments – contact PCI if needed.
  • Retains configuration during power loss.
  • Power 24 VDC. May switch source during use. Smooth wake up/sleep of power use.
  • Temperature reading of the CPU board.

Base NGS-1011-01

A Base plate that may hold 4 or 11 expansion slots

CPU: NGS-1011-02 A , NGS-1011-02 B

2 options. A, B

A supports C development.

B supports user logic development in C or IEC-61499 or 61131. Have lot more user logic memory

  • 8 High Speed onboard DI – can also use as a regular DI
  • 4 M application data storage
  • Onboard 10/100 LAN
  • Single RS485 communication port
  • Modules insert into expansion slots

Communication/Slave Module: NGS-1011-03

  • 4 nos. of PWM output – can also configure as DO for individual channel
  • 4 nos. of Serial (RS232/285/422) Communication port
  • 4 nos. of CAN communication port – also support CAN-FD mode
  • 4 M application data storage
  • Onboard 10/100 LAN

LAN ports expansion Module: NGS-1011-04

  • 4 nos. of 10/100 LAN ports.

AI Module: NGS-1011-05

  • 4 channel isolated AI.
  • 24bit resolution.

Supports 0-10V, 4-20ma, 0-20ma, RTD, Thermocouple inputs.

Main Controller

Add on Product: NGSH-1012 -01

Ground Fault & Overcurrent Protection. This can also be used as a supervised DI/DO unit for critical Fire & Gas Systems.

This has 3 options : NGSH-1012-01 A, NGSH-1012-01 B, NGSH-1012-01 C

10Amp (A), 20 Amp (B) trip limits or mA (C) for supervised apps.

Technical Specification

  • Modbus serial or Modbus TCP as client or server
  • Editable via C or IEC-61499 or 61131
  • Other custom protocols may be developed and supported
  • Power voltage: 3.3-24 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 55 ℃