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Virtual Safety Curtain / Virtual Fence NGSH-10103

Parijat Virtual Safety Curtain/Virtual Fence, NGSH-101003 is based entirely on advanced video analytics generating the best in aspects of design and performance in the market. System performance is improved by further analysing data based on these video analytics. Parijat Controlware, Inc. (PCI) well designed solution for Industrial robots or other no-human applications is a multi-purpose device which can be automatically programmed and controlled.


The one thing that makes PCI solution even better is its installation of full system in very short time, which is very simple and very time saving. The virtual fence has dual channel hardware and software which meets the requirements of control category 3 to DIN EN 954-1. It enables the installation of smaller and lighter safety fences for an optimal use of the available space. The fence furthermore requires no hardware and extra components. This solution also does not require any extra space or any physical floor & it avoids laser at one side and reflector on either side.

Power Options

Major advantage of PCI solution is that it only requires power to switch it on and wire/wireless ethernet. PCI Virtual Fence Solution using video enables you to visualize everything in real time. It improves the innovative accuracy of detection and tracking of intrusion. Connectivity includes interface with Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder via ethernet.

Multi-Curtain Zone

PCI can monitor numerous floors or curtain zones with just one camera view. This reduces the client’s cost and time. These single cameras enable us to get tiny details of the zones.

Intrusion Detection

As cybercrime rates progressively increase, so do the requirements for improving the Intrusion Detection capabilities. With PCI solution, we have brought Intrusion Detection System programmed with detection for various types of attacks and it’s features to detect suspicious activity on a network along with possible ways to secure those intrusions.

Interface Options

PCI Virtual fence can interface with any PLC, Robotics, or control system by directly sending packets of motion commands to the robot from a PC, PLC or other device.

Reaction Time

One thing that makes PCI virtual fence a perfect system is its quick reaction time. Response time is in milliseconds so any event happening in the system would be detected instantly and machining will be halted.

Night vision

If Night vision cameras are installed, each, are strung along the border, at a short distance away from the actual border just to monitor the activities in dark environments. These videos are recorded in real time and saved on server for security purpose, and can be viewed from anywhere and anytime.