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Omni Access

Parijat Omni Access NGS-120

Parijat Omni Access or NGS-120, a software solution to interact & virtualize applications, desktops and data, publishes applications and delivers remote and virtual desktops to any device supporting HTML5 enabled browsers, in your network, anywhere.

NGS-120 also works with hypervisors with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, using MS CALs providing mobile users with a seamless experience in a secure environment and reducing IT costs. A simple solution empowering mobile workers with the freedom and flexibility to work how they want

You may publish applications, manage MS Remote Desktop Session Hosts, (RDSH) and VDI-hosted applications and desktops. This can also serve to enable the desktop apps to emulate a web and or mobile solution as an alternative to making native applications.


  • Supports a wide range of devices and workstations such as PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi and thin clients
  • Eliminates expensive licensing of traditional HMI, SCADA or other SW products
  • Helps existing legacy apps to be painlessly accessible on contemporary devices
  • Add as many client applications as you like, typically, limited only by RDSH, CALs.

Various deployment mechanism options are available

  • Use the client IT server infrastructure or Cloud
  • No need to install anything on the field mobile devices. Subscription service or Capex
  • Install a small desktop client on some of the field remote devices in some scenarios