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Instrument Asset Management System – HART AMS NGSH-0211

Windows based interface to comprehensive HART instrument asset management software over any HART network. Based on Pactware it allows users to calibrate, configure and maintain an entire network of devices from a single workstation independently but concurrently with the Control system. It will deliver powerful tools to meet the need for standardized instrument maintenance procedures and record keeping mandated by ISO 9000 quality standards and regulations administered by OSHA, FDA, and others.

Server – maintains a comprehensive instrument data base, with individual histories of the configuration, test, calibration and maintenance activities performed on each instrument.

Benefit from savings in the collection, recall and reporting of maintenance information –

  • Increase the accuracy and standardization of calibration practices.
  • Gain easy digital access to the improved features of HART instruments.
  • Customize tag, plant, and service data.
  • Use itemized record keeping to support compliance with audit requirements.

This shall also make a powerful online instrument management/maintenance system. This system can continuously monitor any quantity of HART instruments that are attached through any supported HART comm modules. Any configuration changes, including those made in the field, can be detected and recorded as required.


  • Automatically build plant instrument database. No individual data entry required, a major benefit when retrofitting HART maintenance systems.
  • Access and modify instrument operational parameters.
  • Detect, annunciate, and remedy field instrument problems.
  • Schedule and manage calibration.
  • Keep DD Files in native format.

PCI drivers will support real time comms via WirelessHART, ISA100 wireless and some listed wired HART gateways. Support various types of EDD/DD (electronic device description) & other types of HART instrument configuration data files. We need to build/create EDD files for our adapters also, and this provides general information about them.

How do I write an EDD Source Files for a HART device? : FieldComm Group Support Portal Sample DD files.

HART EDD-files (drehmo.com)