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Parijat Firewall NGS_10403

Parijat Firewall is a host based firewall deployed directly into host itself to control network and computing resources.

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Cybersecurity Features:

· Data Integrity (assurance of data accuracy and consistency over its entire life-cycle)


1. NGFW (Next Generation FireWall)

2. Behavioural Analysis: Implement a behavioural analysis engine that can monitor the behaviour of IoT devices connected to the network. By analysing the traffic patterns, it can detect anomalies and suspicious activity in real-time, and block the traffic accordingly.

3. Machine Learning-based Threat Detection: Use machine learning algorithms to analyse network traffic and identify potential threats. By training the firewall with a dataset of known attacks, the NGFW can learn to recognize similar attacks in the future and block them automatically.

4. Distributed Firewall: Implement a distributed firewall system, where each IoT device on the network acts as a firewall agent, protecting itself and other devices in the network. By distributing the firewall functionality, the system can handle large-scale IoT networks with ease.

5. Intelligent Traffic Routing: Use AI algorithms to dynamically route network traffic to optimize performance and security.

6. In-line Deep-packet inspection