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Protocon – Modbus Data Concentrator/Administrator

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PROTOCON MODBUS Concentrator/Network Administrator

Protocon Universal Communications Gateway

Protocon is designed specifically to function as a high speed universal communication gateway interfacing various and dissimilar field devices with different communications protocols and electrical interfaces. The Virtual Database mechanism allows large amounts of field data from a multitude of sources to be handled from multiple host machines with relative simplicity. When used in this manner this product operates as a sophisticated, high performance network controller interfacing Distributed Control Systems, SCADA Systems, HMIs/MMIs, multiple local and remote RTU / PLCs, Flow Computers, Analyzers, Metering Devices, Smart Valves, Tank Gauging Devices, Personal Computers, Push Button Panels, and other field network devices such as DDC valve control systems.

Product Features

  • Operates as a data concentrator, protocol converter, and network monitor.
  • Internet / Intranet connectivity allows for configuration, network monitoring and system maintenance from remote locations.
  • Runs on any standard PC under Win NT/2000 or later
  • Supports up to eight different Virtual Databases (VDB).for each slave port.
  • Communications channels are definable through Configuration Software. Any mix of Slaves and Master Ports may be configured.
  • Supports 40 industrial protocols(Future).
  • Configurable redundant channel operation.
  • Up to 256 devices can be placed on any channel (providing the communications protocol for that configured channel allows it).
  • Polling configuration supports variable scan priorities.
  • Device scans are configured to automatically retrieve data at selectable rates.
  • Retrieved data can be mapped and copied to multiple Virtual Databases (VDB).
  • Tag search is available in configuration software as well as live data displays.
  • Autoload feature allows startup automatically with no human intervention.
  • Easy to view detailed system configuration, in table and expandable tree views.
  • Real time communications/data monitor and diagnostic tool.
  • Can support over 1 million 16 Bit data points.