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Parijat PLC SQL Bridge – NGS-160

Parijat PLC-SQL Bridge or NGS-160 is a software that allows you to link data from PLCs or other smart devices to almost any IT database, via MS SQL Server. NGS-160 enables bi-directional data exchange between enterprise systems and any PLC or smart devices & is an alternative to FactoryTalk Transaction Manager, 1756-HIST2G, RSSQL, and tManager-type solutions.

NGS-160 enables bi-directional data exchange for a variety of applications – download of recipes or upload of production data, quality data, track & trace, track genealogy/birth certificates, events, product history or equipment monitoring. Drivers for numerous PLCs & other industrial protocols are available.

A mapping software application is available to map & define triggers to other external non-MS SQL server database sources or destinations. Some of the possible operations.


  • Data is time-stamped and all transactions are saved to an audit log.
  • Data source destination mapping can be set for unlimited databases, types of databases, types of connections, & tags quantity.
  • Use embedded panel mount HW or desktop with any version of MS Windows XP or newer.
  • Automatic e-mail notifications.
  • Use multiple parallel systems for redundancy, disaster recovery

Unlimited transactions, events & data tags

SQL Interface

1. ODBC :

  • Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, *.accdb)
  • Microsoft Access Text (*.txt, *.csv)
  • Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)
  • Microsoft Hive ODBC Driver
  • SQL Server
  • SQL server Native Client
  • Microsoft dbase (*.dbf)
  • Microsoft Paradox (*.db)
  • Microsoft ODBC for Oracle

2. ADO.Net DSN-Less Connection

  • dBASE
  • Excel
  • Text File
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Access database
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • AS400
  • Sybase
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere

3. DSN Connection


4. OLE DB Provider

  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • AS400
  • Active Directory
  • DB2
  • Microsoft Jet
  • ODBC Databases
  • OLAP
  • Oracle
  • Visual FoxPro
  • Index Serve