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SAEJ27 99 J2601 IR Test Unit

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Parijat IR SAE TIR J2601 J2799 Test Unit

Parijat IR SAE TIR J2601 Test Unit, is a highly portable unit to help with Light Duty Gaseous Hydrogen fuel dispensing station control system testing. It simulates a car tank for electrical interface & produces signals that the H2 vehicle generates. The interface to Dispensing system is via Infrared (IR). Features are available for creating various good & bad load scenarios via a customer’s PC, PLC or a Mobile (Android, Apple, Windows) app that may be connected in a wired, wireless, cloud methodology. The dispensing side interface may be using IR but the other side of IR may be wired or wireless & may go to a customer’s PC or PLC also. Various drivers are available to support a range of permutations. It is extremely user friendly to set up & use. Built-in web server to run front-end on any mobile, touch pads or PCs. Contact us for any other scenarios you may need to use this product in.


  • Set IR transmission frequency from 100 mSec upwards
  • Manual static data input mode for field transmitters
  • Multiple J2601 version support
  • Manual bad data introduction
  • Data logging


  • Dimensions: Approx 8”x7”x4” Pelican case (for base system)


  • Leasing the unit
  • Loading profile(s) to emulate actual dispensing process in Manual mode.
  • Class1 Div 2, Atex support
  • Wireless or wired interface to transmitters.
  • Transmitters for Pressure, Temperature or more
  • IR Transmitter loose or fastened
  • External power source or internal battery
  • Mobile (Android, Apple, Windows) App
  • External PLC or software interface via Modbus
  • Serial RS232
  • TCP/IP
  • Client
  • Server

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  • J2601 Receiver driver for MS .NET, Linux, iOs, Android
  • J2601 Transmitter driver for MS .NET, Linux, iOs, Android
  • J2601 Transmitter or Receiver driver embedded in Rockwell or Siemens PLC
  • SCADA system – Complete or partial, with or without Cloud support, client Mobile applications, advanced data analytics.
  • Control System – Complete or partial for the filling/dispensing station using any PLC or control system.