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Target Asset Management System for ID

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Parijat Target Asset Manager via ID NGSH-0727

Parijat Target Asset Manager via ID, NGSH-0727, is an infra-structure system developed by Parijat to help manage & track assets which may use any RFID, NFC, BLE or UWB for identification and physically move in a facility. The assets cross the readers influence area when incoming or outgoing from a covered area which may be stationary or moving. The RFID Inc. readers with PCI software/hardware may also may support GPS (geolocation), triangulation, multilateration, mesh networking capabilities. Reader can also connect to any PLC, cameras, weigh scales, VFDs in any quantity via PCI system. Both handheld mobile and fixed readers are available which support Reading/writing capability to the ID tags.

The reader may operate in a single use or as a group. Multiple readers field systems may feed data to a gateway. Depending on the physical locations, accessibility etc. of the readers in the access area zone of a gateway, multiple gateways may have to be installed. A site survey determines most optimum quantity and locations. The gateways feed into a central Parijat server. The server will consolidate the data with time stamps and other relevant data and pushes it to a central software app resident on any cloud-based or VPN. The servers may be redundant to ensure high availability of system operation in case of any server HW malfunction.

From here data may be pushed to any client’s app using a database, Jason or some similar technology. A mobile reader system is also available as an option to perform various activities.

A UI will be available for RFID reader level configuration, diagnostics and manual backup in case there is any issue with the upstream system operations.


Any level of data analytics, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning algorithms support is available. We shall work with your SME to define/develop and implement them. This may be done either as a team or your team may implement this in house also.


  • Interleave data from any PLCs, Cameras, VFDs, IEDs etc. devices with real-time data
  • Combine various tracking/tracing technologies in a single system.
  • Optionally using Real-time Location Services (RTLS) from Parijat, precise localization in 3D on a certain item from within a collection of targets may be achieved.


  • Industry standard harsh environment tags may be used that may be tied, welded or bolted to the assets, as appropriate.
  • A more detailed study of work-flow may be undertaken to determine the precise usage case of the readers.
  • Each technology has its own pros & cons

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development