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Parijat Odoo, ERP to PLC, RFID interface NGS-0738


Work/graphics Parijat ERP to PLC, RFID solution helps integrate live data from various PLCs, Vision, IR Cameras, VFD, Scales, Analyzers, Flow meters, UWB, Bar code, RFID & other Identification technologies readers and other smart industrial devices in real time with Odoo & other ERP systems.

Multiple readers, PLCs etc. system may feed data directly into Parijat server, which will consolidate the data with time stamps and other relevant data and be resident on any cloud-based, VPN or on premise. The servers may be redundant to ensure high availability of system operation in case of any server HW malfunction. This data can be pushed to any client’s app using Json, MQTT, ADO.NET, ODBC, Spreadsheets or some similar technology.


Any level of data analytics, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning algorithms support is available. PCI shall work with your SME to define/develop and implement them. This may be done either as a team or your team may implement this in house also.


  • Interleave data from any PLCs, Cameras, VFDs, IEDs etc. devices with ERP data

Single copy of data in the system