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Parijat Industrial Oven Controls & Analytics NGSH-0734

Parijat Industrial Oven Control system, NGSH-0734 is a very versatile, scalable, end-user programmable embedded system. It can control a variety of SSR – both PWM & Analog controls. It also provides advanced temperature analytics. The UI is a web-based system agnostic to HW, OS & browsers. Windows or mobile apps also available.


  • Supports several ovens each may have upto 8 T/C or RTDs or traditional Analog Inputs.
  • The temperature monitoring unit may be separate (wired or wireless) from the control unit
  • History data may be locally stored if comm fails and synched when network restores.
  • The control unit can support over 20 PWM (both frequency max 8KHz and duty cycle fully user adjustable) or 4-20mA or a combination.
  • End-user may supply their own control relays, SSRs or other mechanisms. Please consult with PCI.
  • Multiple temperature control recipes are supported
  • Batch report(s) are available.
  • All history data is available in MS SQL server database (various flavours) or ODBC compliant.
  • The system can also provide interface to Modbus, Jason, XML type files.

The tempertaure sensors may be any type of T/C, RTDs or AI of various types.


  • Supports multiple types of charts and trends.
  • Each channel may have its own Hi, Lo alarm limit
  • Various UI/UX dash boards available
  • Add on Product
  • Ground Fault & Overcurrent Protection

Technical Specification:

  • Modbus serial or Modbus TCP as client or server
  • Other custom protocols may be added, developed and supported
  • Power voltage: 3.3-24 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 55 ℃

Some of the above features may require Hardware options & custom development.