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Facility manager with NFC, RFID, PLC

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Work/graphics Parijat facility Manager helps with tracking various facets of facilities related activities, for schools, resorts, hotels, large corporate facilities with various different applications, via web & mobile apps.

Other peripheral systems like sprinklers, reservations, energy management, security, lawn management may also be integrated. This data may be pushed to any client’s app using Jason or some similar technology.


  • Interleave data from any PLCs, Cameras, RFID, other ID technologies, VFDs, IEDs etc. devices with real-time data
  • Tracks personnel, items, assets as they move from one location to another within the enterprise. Restrictive zones may be setup & other rules may be applied to the data for actionable decisions.
  • Tracks any monetary transactions if connected with a POS
  • With appropriate hardware, RTLS (Realtime location services) can also be supported.