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Bulk Terminal Scheduler Manager

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Parijat Bulk Terminal Scheduling Manager NGS-0738

Parijat Bulk Terminal Scheduling Manager, is a software solution to interact, optimize, plan, and manage multiple bulk loading/unloading terminals logistics at the global enterprise level, in your network, anywhere, and also via clients’ systems.

It is a web or desktop MS Windows application agnostic to browsers, HW, and OS which also empowers mobile workers with the freedom and flexibility to work how and where they want.

Each of the terminal may be any combination of trucks, rail, barge or ship or pipeline connections. The system connects to each of the terminal control system via PLCs, DCS and or servers via cloud, internet, VPN, cell services etc. The terminals may have any combination of PLCs, DCS, your existing servers or Parijat terminal automation system. It also works as a central data warehouse and dispatching management and data analytics and AI/ML capabilities are available as an option.


  • Supports a wide range of primary devices like PLCs, DCS, fiscal meters via our optional protocol converter software. Contact Parijat for a list of over 150 protocols supported.
  • Eliminates expensive licensing of traditional HMI, SCADA or other SW products.
  • Add as many clients, typically, limited only by the network and machine resources.
  • Unlimited Terminals, Racks, Bays and products. Configurable.
  • Can also serve as a portal for the clients of the terminal to securely log in and schedule their own transactions.
  • May gather loading data from the terminal and show it for each transaction on a global basis. For single terminal operations, can be integrated with local terminal automation system itself.
  • Interface to several ERP systems possible and corporate back office systems.
  • Server redundancy and clustering
  • Your choice of enterprise database can be used. MS SQL server default.
  • Can be extended/customized to accommodate many other needs and applications.

Foreign system interface at Enterprise level:

  • Bidirectional programmatically to any ERP like SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle Financials, JD Edwards etc.
  • Bidirectional to any database like MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Cloud databases models, NoSQL, etc. or ODBC, MS Excel, CSV text files.
  • Any of your custom inhouse software applications. Via Web portal or manually.

Foreign system interface at each Terminal level:

  • Any existing terminal automation system with hooks for external data interface
  • Any HMI, SCADA, PLC, DCS, Fiscal meter, Weigh Scales.
  • Any OPC UA/DA server or client
  • Any Historian
  • Any database or MS Excel
  • Any RESTful API, Jason
  • Any of Parijat’s over 200 drivers
  • Any Microsoft app intercommunication technologies
  • Any of your custom inhouse software applications.

Snapshot of web App :

Various deployment mechanism options are available:

  • Use the client’s IT server infrastructure or Cloud
  • No need to install anything on the field mobile devices, Subscription service or Capex.
  • Provide a list for each terminal of their servers’ software apps, primary devices and the appropriate tags from each.

Some of the above may require customization.