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Parijat Controlware Inc. (PCI) is in business since 1989, serving any manufacturing, supply chain management projects
worldwide. PCI initially built its reputation on the ability to provide quality and extremely reliable control and safety systems for the oil and gas industry.

PCI, utilizing contemporary technologies, design/builds end to end turn-key automation control systems from field devices to mobile devices to the top end of enterprise applications, including order fulfillment. Suiting to the application and adapting to the existing control environments, PCI adopts a wide range of controllers like Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Emerson/GE, Honeywell, Automation Direct, Opto22, Mitsubishi, Omron, Toshiba etc. PCI experience & client choices helps pick Microsoft Visual Studio .NET technology for HMI/SCADA or products Like Rockwell – PlantPax, FT/RSView/Panelview; Schneider – Wonderware, Archestra, Indusoft, ClearScada, Citect; Siemens – WinCC/OA; Emerson/GE – Proficy, iFix, Cimplicity; Iconics, Ignition, etc. Client has the choice to pick what precise combination to use. Experience suggests that best features & economies are achievable from Microsoft & Rockwell combination. Solutions are neutral or agnostic to the control systems hardware, networking & all other related peripheral control equipment.

PCI prefers to use the latest version of MS SQL Server. Only a single copy of data is employed from end to end. Products may be further customized to nth degree of the client’s needs. Virtualized, cloud & locally hosted servers are fully supported.

Common Features/Benefits

  • Solutions good for any industry, any applications.
  • Connect to any PLC, Robotic control system, VFD (Some models may not support all the features desired), any HW vendor’s system.
  • Encoder interface to VFD. If VFD used does not support encoder, a PLC will be used.
  • Encoder is backup to camera
  • Use Camera to remotely view, control, manage, manipulate any activities
  • Configurable systems – Low installation costs, easier future upgrades, turnarounds.
  • Compact & off the shelf system HW footprint
    Complete downtime, reasons, maintenance (CMMS) management
  • Thin lean manufacturing, auto or manual scheduling control of orders & resources.
  • Safety system integrated for no-man areas using virtual light curtains, and fencing.
  • Regulatory agency, OSHA compliance
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) used to figure out most efficient routing.
  • Virtually no staff, fork-lifts, minimize # of human touches.
  • Interface with any ERP/MES system & any control/scada system for read/write.
  • If neither exists, we can provide both with fully loaded desired features at reasonable cost.
  • Any readers, printers, electro-mechanical hardware control possible for retrofits or grassroots.
  • Flexible QR/Bar code, Eddystone, iBeacons, RFID support. Easily change the format, content.
  • Supports any mobile devices & smart watches for remote control, notifications & monitoring
  • Better utilities cost management

Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS), ISMS (Integrated Store management Solutions)

  • Complete end to end solution. Generally end user does not need to buy any other software.
  • Scalable from a single trolley, single storage building to any quantity of trolleys with multi storage facilities in multiple countries.
  • Load sequence balancing engine
  • increase storage capacity, density strategic inventory management
  • Pick one or combination of FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In first Out), FEFO (First Expired First Out)
  • Efficient storage management logic, software direction
  • recover factory floor space currently used for WIP
  • improve security and reduce pilferage
  • reduce labor cost and/or increase productivity, safety
  • improve inventory control, stock rotation, throughput, customer service
  • Omit “lost” items


  • Interface to any extrusion, press systems – via smart communications & or hardwiring.
  • Raw materials, feedstock management
  • Finished goods tracking & traceability.
  • Material balance, efficiency
  • Quality – full six sigma, lean manufacturing, SPC, SQC and reporting of any kind.
  • OEE, KPI dashboards
  • Interactions with any robots, pick & place mechanisms
  • Flexible inspections – automatic or manual. Rejection, diversion of off-quality products.
  • Maintain product quality consistency.
  • Recipe management – granularity to each product

eCOAT/Powder Coating Systems

  1. Parts are grouped by families, with the recipe dictating the process parameters
  2. Each carrier may be processed in a different way as they move through the system.
  3. Vary time in a process, like blast, wash, or cure, allowing dynamic extra time allocations.
  4. Control each component of the system independently according to the part recipe.
  5. Adjust component variables, like wash time, wash pressure, oven temperature, oven air turns, curing
  6. path & speed (depending on size) for the carrier may include shot blast or bypass the blast.
  7. AI used to determine path followed by carriers
  8. Track and record part data for product validation and analysis
  9. Run dissimilar products back to back for “Lean” product flow
  10. Scale production up or down without sacrificing quality
  11. Video streaming & manual control, jog, configuration of carriers, tanks etc.
  12. Create profiles by teaching the system via mobile devices.
  13. Internet view entire facility, part processes through single-point visibility from mobile devices, desktop
  14. The controls for carrier & the rest peripheral systems are separate, allowing grand flexibility in working with a diverse range of existing or OEM solutions.


  • Any pretreatment – spray, immersion
  • Any eCoat, Post-rinse, RO, Chiller
  • Any cure oven – bring up, Dehy, cooldown tunnel
  • Any waste-water treatment system, Material handling systems
  • Both Anodic & Cathodic coatings supported
  • Automated Processing (Reduced labor requirements)
  • Avoid carrier collisions, optimize travel times

PCI is your partner to give solutions for your specific requirements or can work on some feature(s) not currently supported.