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In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, control system migrations have become a critical aspect of ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of automation systems. As businesses grow and technologies advance, the need to upgrade, expand, or transition control systems arises. Whether it’s migrating from small to large control systems, upgrading existing systems, or transitioning from small to complex control systems, Parijat Controlware, Inc is here to guide you through the process and deliver seamless solutions.



1. License Assessment and Optimization: We conduct a thorough assessment of your existing software licenses to identify potential inefficiencies and areas for cost optimization. By analysing usage patterns, license agreements, and business requirements, we provide tailored recommendations to optimize your license utilization and reduce unnecessary expenses.

2. License Procurement and Management:  Our team assists in the procurement and management of software licenses, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements while minimizing costs. We leverage our partnerships with leading software vendors to negotiate favourable terms and provide ongoing support for license management. 

3. License Compliance and Audits:  We help businesses navigate the complexities of software license compliance to mitigate legal and financial risks. Our experts conduct audits to ensure adherence to licensing terms and regulations, enabling proactive measures to avoid penalties and potential litigation. 

4. License Optimization Strategies:   We develop customized strategies to optimize software licensing costs based on your specific control system requirements. This includes analysing license types, user access levels, and system usage patterns to recommend efficient license allocation and utilization.

At Parijat Controlware, Inc, we strive to empower businesses with optimized control systems while minimizing licensing costs. Our comprehensive SW Licensing Cost Control Solutions help you achieve efficient license utilization, compliance, and cost savings. Contact us today to discover how Parijat Controlware, Inc can support your business and drive success in the realm of control system software licensing.