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M1-LTE, also known as LTE-M or Cat-M1, is a type of low-power wide-area (LPWA) cellular technology that is specifically designed to support IoT devices. It operates on licensed frequency bands and provides high reliability, low latency, and extended coverage. M1-LTE is designed to support various IoT use cases such as asset tracking, smart agriculture, smart cities, and remote monitoring. It is a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for IoT applications that require low power consumption and long battery life. M1-LTE is a part of the 3GPP standards, which are used to develop and implement cellular networks around the world. It provides a range of features and capabilities that make it suitable for IoT applications. These features include enhanced coverage, which allows IoT devices to be located in hard-to-reach areas such as basements and underground parking lots. It also provides secure and reliable communication, which is crucial for many IoT use cases such as healthcare and industrial automation. The M1-LTE technology uses a narrowband signal, which allows it to consume less power and provide extended battery life for IoT devices. This makes it ideal for IoT applications that require long-term battery-powered operation. It also supports voice and data transmission, which enables two-way communication between IoT devices and central servers or other devices. M1-LTE is a highly promising technology for IoT applications that require low power consumption, extended coverage, and reliable communication. Its ability to support a wide range of use cases and its compatibility with existing cellular networks make it an attractive option for many industries and organizations.

Parijat Controlware. Inc (PCI) offered M1-LTE solutions

PCI offers M1-LTE systems for various IoT applications. The M1-LTE technology enables devices to transmit data to the cloud using cellular networks. This technology is an ideal solution for various IoT applications, including smart city, smart homes, agriculture, and logistics. M1-LTE systems provided by PCI are reliable, secure, and cost-effective. One of the key advantages of the PCI offered M1-LTE systems is their low power consumption. The devices designed to operate on this technology have a battery life of up to ten years, which makes them ideal for applications where long battery life is crucial. Additionally, the M1-LTE technology provides better coverage than other IoT communication technologies, which allows for communication in hard-to-reach areas. The M1-LTE systems provided by PCI are also secure. These systems use advanced encryption techniques to ensure data security, protecting against cyber threats and unauthorized access. The M1-LTE systems also have a reliable network infrastructure that ensures stable communication between devices and the cloud. Moreover, the M1-LTE systems offered by PCI are easy to use and deploy. These systems do not require any additional hardware or software, and the devices can be quickly deployed without the need for technical expertise. The M1-LTE systems are also cost-effective, making them an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Technical Characteristics of PCI offered M1-LTE system

The technical characteristics of PCI offered M1-LTE systems are as follows:

1. Low power consumption, providing up to ten years of battery life.

2. Better coverage than other IoT communication technologies.

3. Advanced encryption techniques to ensure data security.

4. Reliable network infrastructure ensuring stable communication between devices and the cloud.

5. Easy to use and deploy, without requiring additional hardware or software.

Cost-effective, making it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses