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Google TensorFlow has become one of the most widely used machine learning frameworks in the world, and its popularity is only growing with time. One of the areas where it has shown tremendous potential is in the field of video analysis, where it has been used for everything from object detection to facial recognition. Now, a new solution from PCI is aiming to take TensorFlow’s capabilities to the next level with an industrial video analysis system that can be used for a wide range of applications.

PCI is a specializes in developing custom solutions for industrial applications. Its latest offering is a video analysis system that combines TensorFlow with powerful hardware to provide real-time analysis of video feeds. The system is designed to be used in a wide range of industrial settings, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and logistics centers.

PCI has developed a custom-designed video processing unit (VPU) that is optimized for use with TensorFlow. The VPU is a powerful piece of hardware that can process multiple video streams in real-time, allowing the system to analyse and make decisions based on the video data it receives. The system is also designed to be highly flexible and configurable. It can be set up to analyse specific types of video data, such as object detection or facial recognition, and can be trained to recognize specific objects or individuals.

PCI video analysis system represents a major step forward for industrial video analysis. By combining the power of TensorFlow with custom-designed hardware, the company has created a solution that is highly flexible, configurable, and easy to use. As more companies look to harness the power of machine learning in their operations, solutions like this are likely to become increasingly important.