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Oil & Gas Production Management


Parijat Control ware Inc. (PCI) is in business since 1989, heavily serving Eagle Ford shale & other O&G projects worldwide. PCI initially built its reputation on the ability to provide quality and extremely reliable control and safety systems for the oil and gas industry. PCI has successfully completed projects for virtually all of the major companies in the oil and gas industry in Houston and has demonstrated a willingness to work with independent oil and gas companies worldwide.

PCI design/build end-to-end automation control systems for the complete drilling to production, separation, metering, storage and distribution phase of the systems.

Applications for Well Production Management and safety:

  • Oil & or Gas wells support.
  • Well testing, well test data capture and validation
  • Production overview, a comprehensive summary of production status.
  • Monitor and control Valves of well heads
  • Barrier Testing, recording, and analysis of leakages
  • Safety Valve Scout, validation, and recording of valve operation

What Problems Does It Solve?

Users can harness expertise and information from across the organization to achieve major improvements in the operation, including:

  • Unmanned operation
  • Increased operator effectiveness for manned operations
  • Reduced downtime
  • Increased operations safety
  • Standardized, simplified work processes
  • Optimized maintenance.

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PCI adopts a wide range of PLCs like Rockwell/Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, GE, ScadaPack, Schneider, Automation Direct, Opto22, Mitsubishi, etc. PCI uses Microsoft HMI/SCADA or Rockwell – RSView, Schneider – Wonderware, Indusoft, Clearscada, Citect, Siemens – WinCC, GE-IP – iFix, Iconics, Cygnet, Inductive Automation, etc. The client has the choice to pick what combination to use. Best features & most commercial value is available with Microsoft/Rockwell combination.

  • Support an unlimited number of wells/facilities, unlimited facilities, using either smart or dumb field devices.
  • Integrated GIS system is available.
  • Ability to equip Class I Div II components inside the PLC panel along with day light readable HMI’s.
  • Provide local access data via Class I Div II hazardous environments certified I pad’s, Aneroid’s or Windows surface devices.
  • Production reports of well testing and history can be accessed via email or web.
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  • Documentation may consist of complete sketches of P&IDs, etc. Details of system electrical drawings, user manuals, and wiring for each section of the system.

Other Activities and features which can be implemented:

  • Multi facility central SCADA system & business applications for reporting, allocations, analytics.
  • Ability to connect the facility to SCADA, Cloud-based, or hosted by PCI or operator.
  • Archive all the required data for any length of time from the control system.
  • Ability to use flow meters of client’s choice.
  • All the Products used are commodities, off the shelf.
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  • For remote communications, Raven or any other brand of radios of client’s choice.
  • Configurable C&E (Cause & Effect) matrix or SAFE charts.
  • LACT system can be implemented for ticketing.
  • Fire and Gas systems may be integrated.
  • Multi-lingual (any MS Windows supported language)
  • Live Video, if needed can be integrated
  • Use Solar, DC UPS, Generator, or utility power. Full monitoring & auto switchover were provided.

All PCI employees are H2S and Land Safety Trained & have completed the IDAC HSE Rig pass course which includes SafeGulf and SafeLand USA.

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