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Web Enabled/Desktop Data Acquisition & Control

  • PCI HMI is a Web-enabled as well as Stand Alone desktop data acquisition and control system solution which allows secure real-time access to remote systems using Internet / Intranet communications or any other IP media.
  • Inexpensive technology to create leading-edge solutions.
    • Rapid Deployment
    • Real-time data Acquisition
    • Graphic Rich Interface
    • Secure
    • Reports
    • Proven dependable Technology.
  • PCI Solution focuses on Data Acquisition from smart instruments, Smart RTUs, PLCs, several types & quantities of Meters, VFDs, Analyzers, Power monitors, Boilers, etc.
  • Solution allows Real-Time interface between remote Instruments / RTUs / PLCs and Internet or local network. Smart Industrial devices connected to servers using MODBUS / AB / SIEMENS / GE FANUC or any other PROTOCOL via Ethernet or Serial connection.

pci solution for biofuel plants and industry

Fig: PC Based Data Acquisition & Control for Biofuel Industry


  • Real-Time Data
  • Reporting
  • Trending
  • Historian
  • Work Orders
  • Hardware Health Indicator
  • Integrate Drawings (P&ID)
  • Graphical Interface
  • Overview Screen
  • Alarm summary/log, etc.


parijat hmi client overview

Fig: Parijat’s HMI Client [Overview]

  • Object-based system on both HMI & PLC.
  • Simulation mode and Override mode.
  • Immense diagnostics for process, control, electrical, and operational ends.
  • Full Audit Trail is available.

Tank Farms

parijat hmi client tank farms

Fig: Parijat’s HMI Client [Tank Farms]

  • Redundancy and Clustering support both in HMI and the PLC.
  • Multiple feedstock types supported. Continuous or batch operations.
  • Multiple thin & thick clients supported (Quantity limited only by network topology & throughput).
  • Production 1 million gallons of biofuels per year, up to 250 million gallons at the site.

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