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Parijat Title V Compliance & Assurance

Title V, a federal regulation, combines all of a facility’s air permit and regulatory requirements into one binding document. The facility must certify compliance with all air pollution requirements in the permit and promptly report excursions and violations. The Parijat Title V Compliance and Assurance (PTCA) Web-enabled software tool facilitates this. Title V holds you responsible for continuous compliance with your permit. PTCA makes it possible to prevent incidents, but in the event that they do happen you need to know as soon as possible to make proper agency notifications. PTCA makes you feel confident your permit compliance is “true, accurate, and complete”


  • Self-customizing to fit your company’s requirements
  • Saves money and time while complying
  • Perfect for any size company
  • Asset inventory tracking
  • Ability to sort & print as needed
  • Works with most networked environments
  • Stand-alone, multi-user, or network version
  • Maintains an integrated list of the permit(s) and equipment(s)
  • Maintains a list of all equipment for a facility including equipment that sources, reduces, or emits pollutants
  • Manages compliance by tracking the completion of tasks necessary to meet compliance objectives, automatically notifying responsible parties when tasks need to be completed, and organizing and maintaining records that support compliance certification
  • Generates reports required by governing agencies as well as reports required from within the company
  • Versions with Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2000, or Oracle available.
  • Customization is always available
  • Technology transfer services available
  • Provides operations with a tool that immediately and accurately meets inspector requests for records and compliance documentation during facility visits
  • Provides a comprehensive permit and information management tool that enables management of multiple Title V facilities on a desktop in a Browser environment
  • Provides an audit trail of transactions and reconciliation for internal procedures and regulatory compliance
  • Allows users to share data throughout the organization
  • Provides an intuitive, easy to learn and use interface

PTCA tracks benchmarks and progress, documents Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) compliance history, and makes it easy to identify which regulatory guidelines must be followed. In doing so, the solution pushes productivity up and costs down support better business decisions, and allows environmental professionals to spend more time on strategic initiatives.

PTCA demonstrates and tracks compliance with both regulatory and internal requirements, such as emissions limits or operating procedures. PTCA facilitates tracking of tasks’ description, priority, due date, status, and completion time. The system automatically generates E-mail messages when deviations or exceptions occur. Centralized, Web-based data storage eliminates duplicative processes, increases quality control by regulating data collection, and supports data analyses and reporting in real-time.

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