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Tank Gauging System used for bulk storage of fuel

Parijat Tank Gauging System is a management system for fuel storage applications. This software is designed for continuous monitoring of volume, level, density, mass, temperature, and other parameters. In addition, the system provides product leak and transfer monitoring as well as reporting capabilities

Basic features:

  • Supports up to 254 ATG devices per comm. Port. Up to 255 comm ports.
  • User selectable colors for tanks & products.
  • Automatic product inventory reporting
  • Alarm viewer (historical/summary mode).
  • Trending (real-time/historic mode).
  • Tank farm overview in both graphical and tabular form.
  • Real-time updated detailed information for a selected tank in both graphical and table formats.
  • Transfer status and leak detection real-time information.
  • Alarm setpoint configuration window.
  • Auto scan mode used for automatic scanning of all ATG devices.
  • Adding, modifying, and removing groups of tanks.
  • Port monitor window, showing the status of the serial communication to the ATG devices using Modbus.
  • Uses Microsoft Access as the database.
  • Maybe customized to support other features, integrated with other systems or perform other activities. (Contact factory for details)

Group Overview Window


Tank Details Window


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