Automation Solution for Natural Gas Processing Plants


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Parijat Controlware, Inc. (PCI), Gas Processing Software Solution provides fully integrated plant automation systems for new projects or retrofits in the midstream natural gas gathering, processing, treating, compression and transportation. The automation system includes Human Machine Interface (HMI), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Safety Systems, Online Scheduler for inventory movement, work orders, Trending / Historian, alarm management system, reporting & accurate and accessible real-time data.

The gas processing industry automation solution is designed for refining methane (CH4 ), ethane (C2H6 ), propane (C3H8 ), and butane (C4H10).

natural gas processing plant

Fig: Natural Gas Processing Industries

  • A single, transparent system drives effective decision-making, analysis, and reporting, and improves staff productivity.
  • Customizable report generation to improve transparency and support analysis.
  • Clustered & Redundant Hardware (HMI, PLCs, and Communications)
What Problems Does It Solve?

Users can harness, mine data and information from across the enterprise about the solution (via any desired means like desktops, mobile devices, browsers, etc.) to achieve major improvements in the operation, including:

  • Unmanned operations.
  • Increased operator effectiveness for manned operations
  • Operator fatigue mitigation
  • Optimized material flow & compatibility check
  • Relieve traditional ERP from real-time decision support & logistics
  • Minimize manual field operations, displacement volumes.
  • Reduced downtime due to advanced diagnostics & I/O override capabilities.
  • Enable/disable the use of any field devices to support maintenance downtime or turnarounds.
  • Fill in blanks methodology permits rapid modifications after the solution’s initial deployment.
  • Automatic or manual scheduling, translation & execution of product transfers.

Class 1 Div 2 ipad

Fig: Class 1 Div 2 ipad

Intrinsically safe mobile iPads, Androids, or Microsoft Surface units may be used for field personnel collaboration or telepresence applications with the control room & other subject matter experts.

They all access the same central data pool to avoid any traditional human error-prone activities. SOP & equipment discrepancies from desired states are available. RFID, iBeacon, Eddystone, etc. are supported to ensure synchronized data updates globally for workflow procedure execution, event tracking, validation, manual data collection.

gas processing process automation flow mapping

Fig: Gas processing process automation flow mapping

Gas Processing sections

  1. Condensate & water removal
  2. Sulfur & Acid gas (H2S CO2) removal
  3. Amine & Dehydration
  4. Cold Separation
  5. Compression & Stabilization
  6. Depropaniser
  7. Depenetanizer
  8. Fractionation
  9. Sweetening (Mercaptans removal)
  10. Metering
  11. Storage
  12. Loading & transportation
  13. Material balancing

gas processing sections

Fig: Gas Processing Sections

dewpoint control units

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