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PCI Fire & Gas System operates as an intelligent GUI front-end to a variety of existing Fire & Gas detectors from various vendors & can be easily adapted to other vendor’s products that provide a communications port, with an open protocol. It allows you to configure F&G devices as an overlay on top of any user-created graphical images that may be plot plans etc.

parijat fire and gas safety software

Fig: Fire and Gas Safety, Detection System for Industries

The run-time system communicates & updates the displays with live data. Drill-down details, diagnostics, documentations are available. Other general features are provided below:

• PCI F&G System supports products from several F&G vendors and manufacturers.
• Allows you to combine them in any combination and quantities.
• Supports an unlimited quantity of devices on up to 255 comports and unlimited IP addresses for TCP/IP.
• Also allows combining the Fire & Gas detectors with the PLC and other smart industrial devices.
• Allows you to combine them in any combination and quantities.
• Allows creating as many user displays with background graphics files of type: jpeg, wmf, pic, bmp, etc. The background display may be dynamically changed.
• Supports live video if available with live measurement data.
• May show time progression map of how an event progressed.
• May store event-related historical data.
• May replace a PLC if needed.
• Allows usage of artificial intelligence or rules for reporting & reaction to events.
• Allows interactive interface to other systems via a variety of means – Modbus, MS SQL Server database, MS .NET, OPC, ODBC, etc.
• Continuously monitors all areas for abnormal conditions. In the event of a hazardous situation being detected, the system shall initiate the pre-determined alarms and protective actions to warn personnel of a fire or gas incident.
• Complete maintenance history & device user documentation is also supported.

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