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Substation Automation, Electrical Transmission & Distribution

Product Description:

We design competitive products that are easy to install and operate for electrical distribution, monitoring, secured power, and energy performance management. Our core competence is to match Customer-Need with Customer-Related energy and control process integration. Our Electrical HMI System is a complete solution for Plants that provide several control modes for power generators, power distribution, power monitoring, and storing data from various sources, such as IED, PLC, RTU, and many other industrial devices. Through innovative electrical power applications, we assist our customers and maintain reliable power systems efficiently. PCI provides both Desktop as well as Web-based Electrical Distribution SCADA systems.


• Unlimited quantity of Tags & IEDs
• Over 100 Comm Protocols including special electrical devices protocol.
• Unlimited Historian Data Storage and Archiving
• Redundant, clustered Servers support
• Reporting – complex & regulatory agency submissions
• Advanced Alarm Management
• Wave Forms capture & reporting
• Breaker Trip Detection
• Switch Lock
• User comments window
• Display Electrical events
• Command control IEDs securely (select & execute or Select before operate)
• Ability to Change Configuration
• Multiple Client Applications
• Clock time Synchronization
• Unlimited animation possibilities for lines & devices
• Simulation
• OPC Support
• Object-Based Microsoft .NET SCADA System
• MS SQL Server latest version support

Parijat Redundant SCADA Server

Fig: Parijat Redundant SCADA Server


• Support for industrial communication protocols (more being continuously developed).
• Notification is prompt – remote operators are notified immediately of any changes.
• Access data remotely “On Demand” or via the web.
• Real-time monitoring and instant data access.
• User Friendly, graphical HMI interface for a prompt and more thorough understanding of configuration and equipment health.
• Online condition monitoring for early impending failure detection to reduce unscheduled plant shutdown.
• Online instructional documents & drawings for equipment procedural review before performing an equipment task.

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