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Parijat Controlware Inc. (PCI) is in business since 1989, serving Conveyor, material handling & distribution Center automation (DCA), and supply chain management projects worldwide. PCI initially built its reputation on the ability to provide quality and extremely reliable control and safety systems for the oil and gas industry. PCI has completed projects for several end-users, material handling OEMs and demonstrated a willingness to work with independent logistics companies worldwide.

PCI designs/builds end-to-end turn-key automation control systems from field devices to mobile devices to the top end of enterprise applications, including order fulfillment. Inbound order processing, inventory management, and outbound distribution activities using RF, SKU, barcode, and auto-ID technology. Logistics systems prioritize, direct, and confirm activities based upon real-time conditions, space constraints, equipment & inventory constraints. A single application with a single copy of data with no islands & no dependency on any other 3rd party software vendors are provided. PCI also provides sectional services & solutions as a blank fill.

Traditional Solution:

Typically ERP, WAVE management, WMS, WCS – 4 layers are used & 4 different products from 4 different vendors, running on Microsoft Windows are employed. This results in a heterogeneous solution with multiple copies of data & multiple dependencies on non-Microsoft vendors.

PCI solution will integrate all of the above layers into a single Parijat Warehouse Execution/Management System. However, if there are adequate technical reasons in the project in question, then the solution may be broken out also into desired islands.

Vertical Industry Applications:

  • Food & beverage
  • General manufacturing
  • Pharma
  • E-commerce catalog
  • 3rd party logistics (3PL)
  • Direct to Consumer (D2C), eCommerce
  • Petrochem
  • Baggage/airlines
  • Couriers, parcels


Fig: Conveyor Systems

Applications for DC Management:

  • General-purpose logistics – small to large, low to high speed, or volume operations.
  • Carton overview, a comprehensive searchable, sortable summary per location.
  • Any vendor’s VFDs, MCCs, motors, conveyors, diverters, scanners, RFID, belt conveyors, encoders, photo-eyes, PLCs, robots, printers, vision system, weigh scales (including check-weighers, etc.) using any Fieldbus like ASI-bus, Profibus, Devicenet, ControlNet, Canbus, Ethercat, EthernetIP, ModbusTCP, etc. in any combination.
  • Directly feed orders into the system database or manual entry. Retrieve data directly from or to various ERP packages like SAP, Oracle, etc., if need be.
  • The latest version of MS SQL Server used. No other copies of any piece of data.

What Problems Does It Solve?

Users can harness, mine data and information from across the organization about the system (via any desired means) to achieve major improvements in the operation, including:

  • Unmanned operations – using cameras to detect & report jams & other abnormalities.
  • Increased operator effectiveness for manned operations
  • Zone directed pick & convey
  • Optimized material flow
  • Powerful tracking & tracing features with aging & time-stamping to precise locations
  • Relieve traditional ERP, WMS (if being used) from real-time decision making
  • The automatic optimal route picks if more than one optional routes are possible.
  • Reduced downtime due to advanced diagnostics & override capabilities

bottling automation flow chart

Fig: Warehouse Execution/Management System Flow

  • Painless handling of jams & spills – easy realignment & reconciliation for re-induction
  • Energy efficiency – equipment sleeps if idling for user-configurable time delays
  • Standardized, simplified workflow processes – dynamically reallocate resources to suit your daily changing requirements
  • Continuously updated lean sigma 6 distribution center operation
  • Optimized preventive maintenance, powerful system & hardware diagnostics
  • Configurable PLC I/O system, enabling quick retrofit, complementation, or upgrade of existing system w/o affecting existing wiring & equipment


PCI adopts a wide range of PLCs like Rockwell/Allen Bradley, Siemens, ABB, GE-IP, Schneider, Automation Direct, Opto22, Mitsubishi, Omron etc. PCI uses Microsoft HMI/SCADA or 3rd party (to Microsoft) products Like Rockwell – FT/RSView, Schneider – Wonderware, Archestra, Indusoft, Clearscada, Citect, Siemens – WinCC, GE-IP – iFix, Cimplicity; Iconics, Inductive Automation, etc. The client has the choice to pick what precise combination to use. Best features & economies are achievable from Microsoft & Rockwell combination. Solutions are completely agnostic to the conveyor systems hardware & all other related peripheral equipment. Systems may be virtualized or run on virtual OS or on cloud servers.

  • Support unlimited number of conveyors, picking, consolidation, case-packing, multi-convergence/divergence, sortation areas, per facility – unlimited facilities & multi PLC systems per facility.
  • Integrated user, network, maintenance, documentation, asset management system is available.
  • Built-in simulation and override capability that may be invoked anytime for testing, training, troubleshooting or bypass failed equipment/hardware, etc.
  • On the fly reassignments of chutes or ship lanes at sortation – manual, preset order, or priority.
  • Use commodity Ipad’s, Andriod’s, or Windows surface mobile devices for scanning, HMI, or user interface, throughout the enterprise. Native mobile apps, not just virtual desktops. Use Wi-fi, cell network, or broadband of client’s choice.
  • Delivery, aging, statistical complex analytics reports, and history can be accessed via email or web.
  • Alarm management & notifications by various means.
  • Documentation may consist of complete sketches of P&IDs, etc. Details of system electrical drawings, user manuals, and wiring for each section of the system.

distribution center logistics bottling solutions

Fig: Distribution Center, Logistic Solutions Multi-Facility Architecture

Other Available Activities and Features:

  • Multi facility central SCADA system & business applications for reporting, analytics, or decision support
  • Archive all the history data for any length of time from the system
  • Support for pick/put-to-light, sort-to-light, pick to voice, RF mobile picking
  • Multi-lingual, any MS Windows language support
  • Redundant or clustered servers, communication paths amongst resources.
  • Support video analytics via cameras & lasers for abnormalities detection & reconciliation
  • Support RFID, iBeacon, Eddystone, etc. for smart data lifecycle, localization & identification.
  • Direct & automatic connection to systems of volume shippers like FedEx, UPS, etc.
  • Automatic vital, critical data backup at multiple locations.
  • All the Products used are commodities, off the shelf. No 3rd party proprietary software. Source codes & technology transfer services available.
  • Dynamically placing objects enhances picking productivity and space usage with automated optimization of warehouse locations with continuous analysis of the product(s), demands, and system flow.
  • Automated planning and expanding distribution center efficiency could maximize resource utilization.

All PCI employees are H2S and Land Safety Trained & have completed the IDAC HSE Rig pass course which includes SafeGulf and SafeLand USA.

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