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DR DAS – Open CEM/PEM Data Management System

Parijat Controlware, in association with DR DAS, offers complete emissions monitoring, data acquisition, and information management support for environmental measurement and reporting at industrial facilities. We design, assemble and install effective, labor reducing, state-of-the-art data acquisition and reporting systems. As experienced members of the Microsoft developer and reseller network, we offer Microsoft open data management solutions that natively support a corporate environmental information Intranet.


With more than 30 man-years of emissions monitoring and reporting experience on the design team, we can offer a scope of supply that addresses the multiple potential needs of the end-user organization. Lots of software and data acquisition hardware options are available. The best set of data acquisition and reporting tools to meet an end user’s needs will depend on short and long-term utilization requirements, cost and performance issues. In evaluating cost, a number of factors must be considered: initial product cost, training requirements, telecommunications costs, as well as cost and availability of repairs and spare parts. In addition, utility beyond specific project requirements should be a factor.

The Open CEM/PEM emissions monitoring environmental data collection and management system includes the following:

SiteView HMI

  • Human Machine Interface
  • Supports data presentation, alarms, and trends for measured and calculated values.
  • Supports collection of calibration, analog, and digital values with data placed in an SQL Server7 database.
  • Communications drivers are available for most PLCs, DCS systems, and PI.
  • Optional support for environmental data loggers such as ESC, Odessa, and Envitech.
  • Data may be retrieved from any ODBC data source or OLE object such as Excel.

Site Manager

  • Monitoring system configuration
  • Equipment inventory and maintenance tracking
  • Regulatory compliant calculation configuration


  • Data editing and report writer software – reports are published locally and to a system Intranet site
  • Data listing, limit checking, excess emissions, unit online, monitor out of service, calibration reports

Emissions Monitoring Software

  • The DR DAS Open CEM/PEM emissions monitoring software system is implemented in an NT/2000 Server environment with data stored in Microsoft SQL Server7. Open CEM/PEM uses Office 97 and Visual Basic programs. Optional Client PCs may run Win 95, 98, 2000, or NT. Networking and website hosting is supported.
  • The Site Manager and Reporter programs are supplemental Microsoft Access programs provided with source code to allow customer adaptation to future regulatory or internal information requirements.
  • SiteView HMI is provided with Microsoft Visual Basic to allow user creation of custom displays for a configurable, scalable, and maintainable HMI/SCADA system.
  • Device communications for data loggers, I/O devices, and PLCs are supported with ActiveX controls developed by Parijat Controlware.

Calculation DR DAS Open CEM PEM Site Manager Program

Fig: Calculation Definition within the DR DAS Open CEM/PEM Site Manager Program

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