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Automation & Controls Integration

Our systems integration services are focused on helping clients achieve their operational goals through our expertise in process control system design and integration.

We understand the aspects of control system design, engineering, implementation and support. Since 1989, we have been implementing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributed Control System (DCS), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. With each project we strive to help our customers gain a competitive edge through the implementation of a creative, high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

Control Panel Fabrication

PCI has been designing, fabricating and installing custom control panels for 30+ years.

We specialize in control panel wiring, PLC wiring, technical design, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation. We are able and capable to build in our facility or yours, ensuring that quality is maintained from conception to completion.

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Extrusion Process Optimization Services (EPOS)

A Visual Extrusion and Process Optimization tool which will increase gross pounds per hour and press availability up to 10%. Focusing on:

  1. Consistency
  2. Process optimization
  3. Reduction of both production and maintenance downtime.
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Custom Applications

We can build custom applications based on your needs. Here are a few technologies that we are familiar with, but not limited to:

  • Wireless Systems – Bluetooth, iBeacon, Lora, UWB (Ultra Wideband), Wi-Fi, RFID, WiMax, Eddystones,
  • Embedded – Arduinos, Raspberry Pi, Linux
  • Foundations – ODVA/EIP, Profinet, Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Hart, Modbus, MQTT, Ethercat, Canbus, IoLink,
  • IDE – MS Visual Studio, Linux, Node-red, Android Studio, X Code
  • OS – MS Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac
  • Automation – Any PLC, DCS, and their respective HMI, SCADA. Independent vendor’s SCADA
  • OPC – UA, embedded systems UA, DA (all flavors),
  • Cloud Services – Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, various private
  • Dashboards – Microsoft Power Bi, Grafana, Tableau,
  • AI – Google, AWS, Microsoft Cortana
  • Video – Google Tensorflow, OpenCV, nVidia
  • IoT – AWS, Azure IoT, Datacake, Tuya, iota, ubidots,
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cloud based

Cloud-Based Solutions

Our cloud-based applications are designed and built with a vision, so they’re flexible for both large and small operations

Our secure, scalable cloud-based SCADA solutions are a combination of custom design (software application) integrated with world-class technology from leading companies such as – Microsoft Azure or Amazon (AWS). Our intuitive, cloud-based system supports any digital monitoring hardware for real-time operational data. We simplify the architecture between smart industrial hardware to get you the data you need to make better analytical decisions. The platform provides both a web as well as a mobile interface to end-users, the ability to push data to third-party platforms giving you accurate production data, remote control, cry-out alarms and the mobility you need to increase your production, profits and sustainability

The ease of our cloud-based solutions seamlessly delivers the most current user-friendly data to the hands of your team for real-time, accurate decision making production gains

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Proof Of Concepts (POC) Ideas

If you have an idea or concept that you would like us to build or give your thoughts a practical shape or if you have some concerns about our capability in any way, Parijat will be glad to build it for your evaluation. Parijat requests your positive interaction with us during the developmental phase and honest feedback to make it a successful venture for both the parties

A POC stands for Proof of Concept. It is a demo application with real displays points/tags, and graphics as required in an application. In Other words- It simply proves that we can develop a working application to suit the requirements of your scope.

It can be a web-based application or a desktop application or mobile application or some other type of application. It can be setting up your application, test data, setup of tools, etc. When you have the working demo application then you can present it to your manager, lead, or client for the next action.


Training Services

There are many control system software solution training companies out there, and the reason we are the top choice is in large part to our personalized training services, completely focused on our client’s requirements. We can train your personnel so they can execute a complete control system project without any dependencies.

After the training, the student shall be capable of:

  • Customize & Configure SCADA / HMI System
  • PLC Programming
  • Control System Upgrade
  • System Study or analysis
  • Complete Automation System Maintenance

PCI shall customize a training session as per the project/scope requirement of the client. Attendees will be immersed within an interactive learning environment coached by one of our highly experienced specialists. Going beyond traditional software training we shall combine consulting, hands-on training, workflow optimization, and best practices methodology for targeted scope. Requirements include – the scope of the project, PLC / HMI used for the control system, and process control – C&E.

The course covers all the major functionality of the system using real-world examples and industry-based exercises.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Digitization

Objects have started connecting to the Internet and we believe that this is the most important step in this technological era of the 21st century. In this cut-throat era, systems in industries are not only integrated but also are wisely arranged and programmed to perform highly complex tasks in a systematic way. Parijat Controlware Inc. is a complete solution for IoT services, which comprise sensors, gateways, protocol, networking, cloud, security and much more across a broad range of industries. We have delivered countless smart and secured IoT projects in every industry successfully. These projects have increased efficiency, lowered support costs, and enhanced system availability of our clients. These successful projects give us more enthusiasm and inspire us to do our very best.



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