Parijat Controlware (PCI) is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions, offering comprehensive Distributed Control System (DCS) solutions to various industries. One of the key DCS platforms that PCI integrates with is Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy management and automation solutions.

Schneider Electric’s DCS technology offers advanced process control and monitoring capabilities, enabling clients to optimize their operations and improve productivity. PCI partnership with Schneider Electric enables them to offer customized DCS solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each industry.

PCI Schneider Electric DCS solutions offer enhanced process control and monitoring capabilities, providing clients with real-time visibility into their entire operation. Their solutions are scalable, enabling clients to expand their operations and upgrade their systems as needed, ensuring that they can adapt to changing market conditions.

PCI comprehensive support services ensure that clients receive expert assistance in system installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Their team of experienced engineers provides 24/7 support, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Their customer-centric approach ensures that clients receive personalized support and advice, enabling them to achieve their business objectives.

In addition to offering enhanced process control and monitoring capabilities, Schneider’s DCS technology offers advanced safety features that minimize the risk of accidents and improve worker safety. Their solutions comply with industry standards and regulations, ensuring that clients remain compliant with regulatory bodies and avoid costly penalties.

PCI DCS solutions are reliable, cost-effective, and safe. Their expertise in Schneider Electric DCS technology, combined with their customer-centric approach and comprehensive support services, ensures that clients achieve their business objectives and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.